WhatsApp: The two new features of the desktop version of Windows

One-time photo and voice message recording functions are part of whatsapp new version UWP. In this way, Meta strives to make this update more similar to the mobile application In terms of its versatility.

Desktop version of The WhatsApp for Windows UWP It was created from scratch for this platform, with the intention of adapting its design. Since it is relatively new, it does not have all the features of its mobile counterpart, so it is implemented little by little. Version 2.2221.4.0 adds Both functions to be used on computers.

Recording voice messages It is one of the most used tools by users The WhatsApp. With its ease of use and sound quality, it’s an option many use to avoid writing too many lines, especially when they don’t have much time or are on the go. The update already includes a code to start recordings immediately.

for this part, Pictures you can only see once They help protect the information that people share. By avoiding saving to the recipients’ gallery and notifying the sender if someone takes a screenshot of it, the user has more control over what is done with the photos they send. Now, you can decide if you want to send the image with this functionality or the classic way.

previously announced to merge attachments In the new version of WhatsApp UWP, which is also widely used by people. These features help make messages sent from the desktop more flexible and do not lose the features of the classic application used on mobile devices. slowly, Meta engineers will put all the tools of the application into this desktop version.

Meta strives to make the web version more similar to the mobile app in terms of its versatilityshutterstock – shutterstock

WhatsApp has been updated and caused quite a stir not only because of the large number of emojis that its platform has addedbut because of the new way to respond to a text or Message sent to us by our contacts. On this note, find out how to do it.

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As the features are being added to the Meta app little by little, there is a trick that you should try to get rid of: How did you identify your friends on WhatsApp? To detect it, you will have to perform all the steps detailed below.

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