Gold, Swords, and Cannons: The Secrets Held by Galleon San Jose in Colombia | sunk in the eighteenth century

Gold ingots, stylized cutlery, swords, cup, and cannons are some of the Treasures hidden by the galleon of San Jose, Sunk off Cartagena de Indias in the eighteenth century by pirate english. The result was conveyed by the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque.

Thanks to the technological equipment and the work of the Navy, we have been able to reach a level of precision, never seen before, of the San Jose Galleon.“Preserving the integrity and protection of this human heritage in the face of a subsequent extraction process,” Loki said on his Twitter account.

Search tasks included Remote control car and high-tech recording equipmentThis made it possible to reach a depth of nearly a thousand meters, precisely approach the corners of the ship and take high-resolution images to check the condition of the wreck.

The Colombian government released videos and photos with it Iron cannons, porcelain and ceramic tableware, real eight shuttles (kind of antique coins, ndlr), glass bottles, jars and gold coins. A piece of the ship’s bow can also be seen on the sea floor, covered in algae and shells.

Half-buried, dozens of pieces stand out from the nearly intact pottery, decorated with arabesques that anthropologists are searching for as to whether they were from Asia. Experts also identified several cannons, some made in Seville and others in Cadiz in 1655.

This was confirmed by Admiral Gabriel Perez, Commander of the Navy The treasure has not been looted or altered since its discovery in 2015.

Two more ships wrecked

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The Navy confirmed this in a statement “In another vicinity, two unreported shipwrecks have been identified which add to the ancestral historical context of the Colombian Caribbean.”

It’s a colonial galleon and republican schooner. “We have already found two additional ships: one from the colonial period and another, from the point of view of the preliminary analysis, corresponding to the republican period of our history,” Duque added.

In addition, he confirmed it They have a “history of about ten similar boats”, who are investigating their position with marine teams.

He added that there are still thirteen sites being explored in this area in front of the city of Cartagena (north), where there is information about “possible shipwrecks” at the same time.

Galleon San Jose

Captain Chip Galleon San Jose was shot down by an English cannon during the Battle of Barrow in 1708, According to the news of the times, which was her precious cargo.

At the time of the shipwreck, it had about 600 passengers on board. The ship transported gold, silver, and precious stones from the Spanish colonies in America to the court of King Philip V. treasure It is considered a cultural heritage of Colombia and cannot be marketed.

In 2015, President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Juan Manuel Santos announced the discovery of the galleon, Recognized thanks to its unique bronze cannons and inscriptions with figures of dolphins, and Then he presented it as “the most valuable treasure discovered in human history.”It offered to finance the rescue with a portion of the existing wealth.

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But his successor Duque reversed that initiative and declared that the treasures were assets of cultural significance that should remain in Colombia.

Since then, the government intends to set up a museum in Cartagena to display the jewelry and that those who help save the sailing ship can earn income from entrance tickets.

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