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renewal The WhatsApp It seems to have no end. afterThe WhatsApp-change-how-the-photos-save-and-sent-20220127-0046.html “target=”_blank”> Changes When saving and sending photos, the messaging app has begun to spread across major app stores Two big changes are long awaited by users.

On the one hand, feet The WhatsApp-what is-my-universal-listen-function-and-how-to-get-it-on-my-my-cell- 20220130-0022.html “target=”_blank”>Global listening‘, which allows you to listen to voice messages without having to stay in the chat in which the audio was received, or even when the app is in the background. In addition, the messaging platform owned by Meta introduced the ability to preview files received in chats.

What’s new in WhatsApp: Preview files and audio in the background

Possibility Play audio in the background It was one of the most requested features by WhatsApp users. Well, this option has been around for quite some time in other apps, like cablewhich allows users to play voice memos while using other apps or access other chats,

Now, with the latest available version of the app, it is now possible to leave a conversation while still listening to the audio. What is more, . audio notes The WhatsApp It will continue to play when you quit the app.

On the other hand, The WhatsApp meAndroid beta includes the option to preview documents in chats. Until now, when sending or receiving JPG, PNG, PDF or DOC files, only the file name appeared with an icon representing the document type. With this new version, the app now shows a preview in which part of the file’s content can be seen.

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Occupation Still in testing phaseand you can see how previews are displayed in low resolution, and it doesn’t seem to be available for all files.

If you want to enjoy the latest news of the application, Just download the latest version of The WhatsApp Available on your device. You can alsoThe WhatsApp-Beta-How-to-install-the-program-on-your-computer-20211207-0083.html “target=”_blank”> Register for the beta program The WhatsApp So you can enjoy the latest changes before they reach the rest of the users.

This is how document preview works The WhatsApp.

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