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Did you know that the streaming platform that hosts movies and series uses codes to separate genres and sub-genres?

by: Michaela Cattaneo

In the diverse catalog offered by Netflix, it is not always possible to watch all the series and films that make up it, but this is no longer a problem with Netflix-Codes, a page that allows you by codes to find content that, otherwise, you might not have seen.

It is a website that displays an extensive list of icons with their own categories, making it easy to search for specific content. How it works? You just have to click on the icon corresponding to the preferred genre or sub-genre on the page or type the numbers that make up it instead of “xx” at the end of this link “https://netflix.com/browse/type/xx”.

For example: I’m a huge fan of classical musicals, but often when entering the “Music and Musicals” category, this sub-genre does not appear, because the newest content is always first.

However, login www.netflix-codes.com I find that the code for Classical Musical Comedy is 32392. By writing https://netflix.com/browse/genre/32392 The platform takes me to the content of my interest without having to search for it for hours. Similarly, by clicking on the icon that appears on the Netflix-Codes website, it appears directly.

If what you are looking for is very specific content, this tool will help you simplify your search and enjoy your favorite movies and series without thinking too much about it.

To see the list of icons, go to this link.

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