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With a simple trick The WhatsAppAnd the You can send texts and voice notes without having to grab a cell phone.

To activate this function, it is not necessary to own a high-end phone or download third-party applications. It is enough just to activate a file Google Assistant In the case of Android or Siri If you have an iPhone. A) Yes, Thanks to the voice commands, the app can be used hands-free.

What are the steps to follow? To start, you have to say “Ok google (Or “Siri” for iPhone), Send a message from The WhatsApp a [Nombre del contacto]The wizard will then ask you what you want to send. Then Dictate the message, You will see the text on the cell phone screen. It remains to say “sendThe message will reach the other person.

Now if what you want is to listen to your messages, you can say ‘Ok Google read my messagesAnd the assistant It will play the messages you received, In addition to being asked if you want to dictate an answer.

The good thing about this post is that it is not exclusive to The WhatsApp But from the special phone program, It can also be used with other messaging services, How cable The Facebook Messenger.

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