The US Army permits the use of ponytails for female soldiers

The United States Army has more and more women, and above all more black women.

Their Afro hair, for these, is a sign of identity that they have to suppress when wearing a uniform.

There were strict rules for styling hair, although some of them pose a real risk.

In the case of long hair, only a bun is allowed. Making the natural curls of African American women turn vertical heads, when squatting in a combat position, the helmet did not fit, and it was left to them and prevented them from seeing.

Last Friday, a regulation update went into effect, affecting around 127,000 uniformed personnel. For the first time hair will be allowed to fall out, more or less. It starts with the principle that you can be a soldier and still be yourself.

Fashion spreads from one side of elegance to the other. Women were allowed to shave their heads or wear long hair in a ponytail, combinations that were excluded. Even long lines are accepted at work if the traditional bun interferes with the outfit.

They can also wear highlighter, use lipstick in neutral or blurry colors, and use nail polish “as long as they’re not whimsical, exaggerated, or fickle.”

Earrings Yes, except in training and combat. For the first time, a breastfeeding guide was included, making it easier for soldiers to wear a special shirt under work clothes.

Nothing fickle, but a sign of times changing. It refers, among other reasons for equality, to questions of national defense. There are not enough men to do the job. Therefore, if there was a reluctance to integrate them, today they are called upon to enlist.

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In the 1970s, women accounted for 2% of the American force. Today that number has increased to 15%.

The Pentagon also developed a confidence in black women. They are one-third of all military uniforms when their proportion at the civilian level does not exceed 15%. African American women, traditionally drawn to the profession, have suddenly discovered a place of opportunity.

However, the next battle will be the battle of men and the ability to grow a beard without religious justification. They want to go beyond the age of mustache.

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