Whatsapp: How do I know if I’ve been blocked?

3/27/2021 – 14:28 World Wide Web

The WhatsApp He continues to add the news and after the trick, so that you can know the location of another user without him knowing the site B-Tech Double the stakes and provide a guide to recommendations to see if you are locked By someone else.

The free messaging service already has over 2 billion monthly active users, which allows it to position itself as the preferred communication channel in the world.

How do you know if you are blocked?

A direct blocking is basically a declaration of someone’s intent regarding a contact and WhatsApp that they have had from the start. To find out if you are blacklisted, there is no way to confirm it, although it can be inferred from several indicators.

1- Time of last connection – Internet code

Internet information and last time indicates when the contacts were last used WhatsApp, or whether they were online. If the contact is online, that means they have WhatsApp open on the front on the device and they are connected to it Internet. However, this does not mean that the person has read the message.

The last time information indicates the last time your contact used WhatsApp. You can show or hide your recent. Once in WhatsApp privacy settings. If you don’t see the latest. Instead of a contact, they might have configured their privacy settings to hide this information, but the contact might have blocked you as well.

2- Profile picture

There are those who put a picture or picture on their WhatsApp profile and have not changed it for years, and there are those who change it from time to time. If you know your contact usually modifies the personal picture Often times but you’ve been seeing it for a long time, that’s another indication that you have been blocked.

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3- The message was sent but not delivered

The usual path to a message is that after typing it and clicking Send, it appears in the chat window with a check mark or a gray checkmark (for “Message sent”), then two flags or gray popcorn (for “Message delivered”) for the contact to see.

But if you leave the message with one checkmark and nothing bad happens on WhatsApp servers or our network connection, that’s a sign of it, since all messages sent to a contact who blocked you remain with one check Mark / Popcorn.

4- You cannot call this name

When someone blocks us on WhatsApp, it cuts off the connection at all levels, and this includes not only messages, but also the option of voice and video calls on WhatsApp. If you see that you cannot call this contact, there is a fourth group call.

If you see that all of these conditions are met, the contact may have blocked you. According to WhatsApp itself, “We have mysteriously designed this to protect your privacy if you decide to block a contact. For this reason, we cannot tell you if someone has blocked you.”

5- You cannot add this name to a group

Create a group and try to add the suspicious contact to the group. If the contact was successfully added to the group, the user did not block you. On the other hand, if WhatsApp shows an error message saying “You are not authorized to add this contact” when adding the contact to the group, then it is certain that the person has blocked you.

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