NASA has detected a “scary” sound coming from a distant black hole

Black hole

Almost as if it were science fiction, the The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a Recording they managed to make sounds coming from a black hole. Internet users who heard the recording rated these sounds as “scary” And “hypnotics“.

This is a 34-second recording posted by NASA on YouTube. The origin of these sounds can amaze even the most impressive: It comes from the Perseus galaxy cluster, about 250 million light-years from Earth.

The common misconception that there are no sounds in space stems from the fact that most of space is essentially a vacuum, and provides no means for sound waves to propagate. But a galaxy cluster contains copious amounts of gas that engulfs hundreds or thousands of galaxies within, providing a medium for sound waves to travel.‘,” NASA explained when the recording was revealed.

It is possible that we can hear these sounds because NASA used an acoustic instrument mainly Process astronomical data at a level recognizable by the human ear.

Black holes have such strong gravitational force that no light can be seen in them. NASA hasn’t made big data about what it found in this black hole, but by revealing these sounds, the internet has been filled with comments about these They would be “ghost noises,” or “millions of diverse life forms.”

Among the more than 10,000 comments posted by NASA on its social networks, some range from existence “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard,” others say, “He who generates those voices, should “get off the ground.”

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These are the sounds of cosmic horror”, to one of the posts with the most “likes”.

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In 2003, NASA astrophysicists discovered a wave pattern from a giant cluster of galaxies in the constellation Perseus. They were pressure waves, known as sound waves. These waves are caused by periodic explosions from a supermassive black hole at the center of the mass.It is 250 million light years away and contains thousands of galaxies.

With an oscillation period of 10 million years, the sound waves were acoustically equivalent to a flat B 57 octaves below middle C, and the black hole appears to have maintained it for the past 2 billion years.

But all this, which is difficult to understand, does not have much effect until we can listen to it. Nearly 20 years later, NASA has the technology to translate these sounds into noise recognizable by the human ear, and that’s what we hear today.

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