WhatsApp has stopped working on more than 20 cell phones

.’s latest update The WhatsAppthe world’s most popular messaging app, will make old mobile phone models unable to download.

In fact, since May 31 The WhatsApp It will stop working on the list of phones that have older operating systems and can no longer support the app.

In the case of those who have an operating system AndroidAnd The WhatsApp He explained that they must have version 4.1 or higher.

Mobile Phone Models You Won’t Enjoy The WhatsApp They are people using Android Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Cupcake 1.5, Donut 1.6, Eclair 2.0, Froyo 2.2, Gingerbread 2.3, Honeycomb 3.0, and Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

They are as follows:

Galaxy Trend Lite

Galaxy Trend II

Galaxy S3mini

Galaxy Xcover 2

Galaxy Core

Galaxy Ace 2

Lucid 2

Optimus f7

Optimus f5

Optimus L3II Dual

Optimus f5

Optimus L5II

Optimus L5 Dual

Optimus L3II

Optimus L7II Dual

Grand S Flex

ZTE V956

Grand X Quad V987

The big note

In the case of IOS, the operating system of Iphonephones must have IOS 10 or higher, or KaiOS 2.5 or higher, for The WhatsApp Keep running. Previous models will not be able to access the application service normally.

The iPhones You Won’t Own The WhatsApp As of May 31 they are those with iOS 9 down. Also, they will be left without The WhatsApp Mobile phones with KaiOS 2.5.0, JioPhone, JioPhone 2.

One by one they are as follows:

iPhone 6s


iPhone SE

The WhatsApp It guarantees that it is possible for the application to continue to work on these devices, although it is likely that there will be failures due to the lack of updates, and the more time passes, the greater the difficulties.

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How do you know if the phone can continue to use WhatsApp?

You should find out your Android or iOS version and check if it will still be compatible with the new update of The WhatsApp.

With Android:

Go to your cell phone settings.

Find the Systems tab.

Click “Phone Information” to open the menu that will display the current Android version.

With iPhone:

Go to the general section of the phone settings.

Once there, click on the information option that will appear at the top.

Look for the “Software Version” field to see the exact version of your operating system.

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