Marilyn Monroe Biopic Blond Director Andrew Dominic Concerned About Age Rating

Theme Categories by age in movies and series Always a pleasure to deal with. Some films avoid certain qualifications as a highly contagious disease. But others are proud to receive them as a badge of honour.

For example, it’s common to see Disney trying to lower the age rating of its products as much as possible, even when it’s sometimes on the border of absurdity. a R rating (Under 17, accompanied by adults) is a penalty for mouse house.

However, it’s usually a good sign to get this rating for a horror movie, at least when it comes to violent or disturbing content.

However, there is a rating higher than R. The films you get NC-17 . classification (Access Prohibited to Under 18s), are typically those with sexually explicit scenes or more disturbing content than those rated R.

This is the rating given to Blonde, the fictional autobiography of Marlin Monroe what or what Andrew Dominic Filmed for Netflix. Ann weapons (No Time To Die) will be responsible for giving life to the icon of the fifties.

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talking with PlaylistDominic explained that while he could understand that this rating was given, it was not explained why Netflix would readily accept the rating proposal for Motion Picture Association (MPA).

The director explained the reasons for his complaint: He claimed that The NC-17 rating is a blow to the film’s promotional potential.

Movies with this rating have very limited advertising exposure in countries such as the United States. Promotion on billboards, curtains, etc. These movies are almost banned.

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Blonde will be doing a stage show before hitting Netflix sometime this year. Opportunities to promote a film with this profile are cut short in terms of general attendance in cinemas with this rating.

We’ll have to see how Netflix handles that hurdle the MPA has imposed on Blonde. We are still waiting to know the release date of this CV based on A fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe written by Joyce Carol Oates in 2000.

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