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WhatasApp He seems to be focusing all his efforts on getting back users who have migrated to other apps like cable a Signal, Since the new privacy policies went into effect on May 15th.

Since the displacement at the beginning of the year when the change in terms and conditions, owned instant messaging platform Facebook social networking site It develops and offers new tools to satisfy millions of users.

The latest update was released last week. It’s about the job “See once”, who are we It allows you to send a photo or video that will be automatically destroyed when you finish watching it.

Since then, images that can only be viewed once are Available in WhatsApp Beta for Android. These photos or videos can only be viewed once, and when you close the photo there is no trace of it on the device. And if I try to open it again, nothing happens. Well, it does happen, if you’re urgent enough: A sudden emoji appears.

But before we tell you how to see this extra curiosity, it’s important that you know how to send a message that will self-destruct when you’re done watching.

How is the “One Time Show” function activated?

  • First, enter WhatsApp and choose any chat, be it individual or group.
  • Now, tap on the clip icon and then Gallery to select a photo or video.
  • When you open the photo or video, a circled number 1 icon will appear.
  • When we click on it, it will still be highlighted in green and the following message will appear: “The image is configured to display only once.”
  • Finally, we press the “Send” option and in the chat we will see a “Photo” or “Video” when the user has not yet seen the file. When you watch it it will show us “open” and when you leave our message it will be destroyed automatically.
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How do you see secret emojis for WhatsApp?

When you send a photo or video using the “View Once” function, you must Press a total of 5 times on the message So that the emoji of Little face asks for silence, referring to the fact that it is a secret.

The expressions are subtle, but funny. What is more, Only the person who sent the photo can activate it, That is, it appears in the bubbles themselves, in green. The receiver, no matter how far they touch the message without stopping, will not be able to open the photo again or see the floating emoji.

The surprising symbol for
The WhatsApp They are shown only to the sender of the message.

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