We’re Ready 11 Women He Aspired to Have Presented to the Senate in 2022

From left to right, in order of highest votes, the 11 women who make up the list in the Colombian Senate for the political movement We Are Lists. / Taken from social networks

Academics, people of African descent, peasants, residents of underrepresented areas and members of the LBT community. The 11 women who will seek to reach the Senate of the Republic through the feminist political movement We are ready They belong to all groups that need greater participation in the Colombian legislature.

Their names were announced on September 25 at a public event held at the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center in Bogotá, After four days of internal voting conducted in a carefully designed manner To allow democratic guarantees for both feminists who are registered with the movement and for those who have run their candidacies.

Voters were offered the possibility of casting four votes: One for a woman from underrepresented areas (Guinea, Phoebes, Amazonas, Putumayo, Caquetá, Guajira, Quindío, San Andrés, Vichada and Arauca); Another type of woman who identifies as lesbian, bisexual, or transgender; Another for African descent And finally for candidates who do not belong to any of the previous groups.

Saeed’s regime also relied on monitoring five women from different political angles who sought to ensure the transparency of the entire process: Francia Marquez, Pidad Cordoba, Andrea de Jesus, Beatriz Della Costa and Angela Maria Robledo.

The latter was responsible for presiding over the event and, among other things, It reported that 1,282 women, out of a total of 1,604 who were empowered on the We Are Lists platform, voted. This means that about 80% of those interested in participating in building that list for the upcoming Senate elections ended up actively participating.

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The former vice presidential candidate stated on the same occasion that “We hope from this so-called progressive forces and even the traditional parties learn, of these deep democratic practices and a lot of work. The entry of women into politics means resistance, and the task of feminizing politics has become more urgent and necessary today.”

From left to right, in order of highest votes, the 11 women who make up the list in the Colombian Senate for the political movement We Are Lists.  / Taken from social networks
From left to right, in order of highest votes, the 11 women who make up the list in the Colombian Senate for the political movement We Are Lists. / Taken from social networks

After that, he proceeded to present the eleven candidates to the SenateAt the top of the list is Elizabeth Giraldo Giraldo, Who, according to the movement, was born in Ituango and grew up in the popular neighborhoods of Medellin. In statements collected by El Espectador during the event, he expressed that the choice is “For us, Colombian politics is not the same today. We will come to power to make another power, one generous, abundant and beautiful, for ourselves and for the planet.”

Below is the order of voting Lisa Yomara Garcia Reyes, PhD in social sciences and a lesbian activist, apparently part of the 20% quota given to the LGBT community. After learning of his election, he said, “We are a group with discussions but no quarrels. From my experience as a lesbian we will express our feelings in this Senate. It is time to get over the agenda that divides us symmetrically. We have all done what we witness.”

Come on speak Jessica Viviana Obando Korea, from Montenegro and Quindio and part of the share of the underrepresented provinces; Jessica Samantha Pereira Hawk, that he would serve as the voice of the Afro-women, the Raizales and Palenqueras; And Magali del Carmen Belalcazar, who is identified as a social leader in Putumayo and complements the group of residents of the decentralized areas.

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As quoted by the Colombian newspaper, the latter noted that “I dreamed of changing politics and we came to it because politics has always been within us. I am a woman of the earth, and I am bound to the earth, with the flow of water and today I am in the process of legit Under what policy. Let’s see our walk as 55% of the population.”

The rest of the list consists of Lorena Maria Bautista Rickett (Afro, raysalis and balenqueras), Mrs. Lorena Rubio Cardenas (without category), Mio Alarcon (a feminist transgender activist completes the LBT reps group), Mayra Ingrid Gomez Castaneda, Rossio Nieto Alarcón, Cindy Carolina Navarro Arzuza (All are not rated).

From social networks at We Are Lists, they stated that “Our list is feminist and we’ll get to the Senate with a collegiate Senate. Here we all win, we are the sum of knowledge, we are many, we do everything and we are everywhere. ”

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