He was known to earn in dollars while Telefe was canceling them

After arguing the complaint before the judge, the projects in which G. Mamon was involved stagnated completely or, failing that, continued without the need for his participation. However, the musician is determined to return to television and will do everything in his power to achieve his goal.

Unsurprisingly, this media man has found a way to take advantage of his situation, and his legal team has made no effort to hide it from the media.

Although Telefe announced that he was distancing himself from his role as driver, Mammón did not hesitate to reveal certain details that many went unnoticed. “I have a contract with Telefé until the end of the year,” said the TV presenter, indicating that he would still be paid as an employee of the channel.

He met his nickname with AJ Mamoon called Lucas Benvenuto 1536418.jpg

As if this were not enough, the accused prepares a “legal book” in which he obtains the testimony of no less than 15 witnesses describing his relationship with Lucas Benvenuto and detailing everything in their relationship, which can be used to build a case against the channel and obtain compensation of one million dollars for breach of its contract.

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