UK Ambassador visits Hidalgo’s tourist sites

In the context of a celebration 200th Anniversary of the End of Mexico’s IndependenceThe Government of Hidalgo, in coordination with the Presidential Commission for the Commemoration of Historic Facts, Processes and Personalities of Mexico, has received a visit from the Ambassador of the United Kingdom (UK) to Mexico, Jonathan Benjamin.

employment HuascaThe diplomat was received by Government Minister Simon Vargas Aguilar as a representative of Omar Fayyad and by the host mayor, Francisco Mayoral. There he visited the natural formation of basaltic prisms and toured with the authorities.

After that, go to Mineral del MonteThey and President Alejandro Tello toured the facilities of the Mining Museum and the English Pantheon.

The Ambassador learned about the preparation of traditional pastes and enjoyed the presentation of the Bagpipe Ensemble of the San Patricio Battalion, accompanied by residents, public officials and a delegation from the United Kingdom.

In his message, Vargas thanked Aguilar for the visit, which he said supports friendly relations with the United Kingdom, a region that has directly influenced the development of Hidalgo.

And in Pachuca, the delegation was received by Mayor Sergio Baños. They visited the Mining Museum, as well as the Antique Clock, an icon of the capital city of Hidalgo whose machinery goes back to the English language.

The ambassador took office in the country a month ago by handing over his credentials.

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