Vanessa Garcia will not run in the Santa Fe-Coronda Marathon

It is currently among the best open water swimmers in the world. He came from doing very well in Lake St. John in Canada, a 32-kilometre race from Perepunca to Roberval, then Capri-Naples in Italy, then through the Netherlands and Macedonia.


Vanessa Garcia displays with great pride her medal for third place in Canada.

“This year I will not do Santa Fe-Coronda, I am very happy that the marathon will be held again, because it is a very important event for the city, because it is very folkloric, but logically I will not, despite the fact that I will not be there, I wish good luck to the swimmers And the organizing committee, which fought hard to hold another edition again,” Vanessa Garcia began by referring to UNO Santa Fe.

The swimmer from Santa Fe said, “Today we have a low river, which means that many points, like cut off Ford and Los Suspiros, can’t be crossed. That would be today, because with the flood issue in Iguazú you might get in the water; if you grow a meter or something from Like that, things change there, and you can get in.” In the same sense, he considered that “I swam in Santa Fe-Coronda in 2009, my first time, with 2.06, and I remember that you can go through Vado and Los Suspiros. The competition is that if the river grows more than one meter they can cut the whole way.”

“This year I thought about doing Canada, and then the possibility of going to Italy and Macedonia arose, so I spent two months doing three marathons, with many trips and many flights and a lot of everything, which ended up being a little tired. Canada, where I did very well, third place, which was my first podium, I competed ten in Vienna, my best in 2015/2016 was fourth in the standings. The goal is always to get on the podium, and I did That’s in Canada. And I was very happy for it, because it’s one of the races that I love so much, because of the cold water” highlighted the Toretto from Santa Fe.

Its continuity centered on Europe, where she noted, “In Capri Naples we were able to swim a little more than 4½ hours, because they called it off because of the weather conditions that weren’t good. They stopped there, about half way and they gave locations according to how we got there.” I come back with another dream and that is to be able to get on a podium in this beautiful race.”

The competition continued: “Other places where I planned to compete was in Holland, and the possibility arose, thanks to Tommy Stefanovsky, to go to compete in Macedonia, where the organization was very good, paying us tickets to be able to go. So I went to compete, and the organization was impeccable. , so much so that the chief was at the beginning and at the end.” He added that “Later I was going to swim in a 10-kilometre race in Croatia, which I unfortunately could not do because there was a change, it was going on Saturday and going to Sunday, and on that exact day I started my return to Argentina, and there was no chance for me to stay” .

“I think the balance of the Tour has been very good, and there is no doubt that it has been my best sporting year, being able to participate in three such important races, which have always been part of the Fina International Open Water Calendar, which is why I am very happy and amazed, because One always aspires to be on the podium, but I thought I couldn’t do that, so I feel super accomplished, because for an open water athlete like me, dedicated to long distances, three podiums in a row was everything,” emphasized the talented Santa Fe swimmer. .

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The future of long-term competition

One of the hot topics for swimming is to see if Fina will stage long-distance tests again, Vanessa was strong: “I don’t think so, if you ask me today I will tell you no, in fact, a distance of 25 km was taken, and that was always distances in the World Open Water Championships And then there were the long races. Fina first removed the long run, and then recently removed the 25 kilometer, which led many swimmers to request a review of the procedure, but I think it’s a very difficult thing, because Fina supports the 10 kilometer Olympic distance.”


The severity and exhaustion of the positive tour carried out, took her to refuse her participation in Santa Fe Coronda.

The intensity and exhaustion of the positive tour that was made led to her refusal to participate in Santa Fe-Coronda.

“Likewise, they have continued to race around the world, even though they do not have the support of Fina. The clearest case is Capri-Naples, which is still important, because although it is not in Fina, it will not cease to enjoy its importance, or Lake San Juan , the same. So they will continue next year, Capri Naples, San Juan Lake, Macedonia, and we have seen state support in those places “said the experienced athlete from our capital.

Vanessa took the opportunity to thank everyone who supported her so that she could continue her career as a fine swimmer. “First of all, to my family, who have accompanied me throughout my career, to my friend, because he supports me, as well as to the sponsors who help me and my friends. They are Sancor Seguros, Amioun Toyota, Luz y Fierza, Subfluvial Tunnel, Distributions of San Ignacio, Alarko, District Assembly , Gatorade and Blueseventy”.

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