Marc Marquez successfully worked in the United States

Spanish rider Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda RC 213 V) underwent successful surgery on his right humerus at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota) by the medical team led by Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo, who considered that the operation was successful and that Marquez can now begin his own recovery. your.

The intervention lasted three hours and the osteotomy was performed, which they deemed successful, as there were no complications, so Marc Marquez immediately entered the postoperative phase of his treatment at the Mayo Clinic, according to the Repsol Honda team in a statement.

Marquez will remain in the United States for the next few days to ensure his immediate recovery after surgery, before returning to Spain to continue his rehabilitation.

“Today we had surgery on Marc Marquez’s right humerus. The intervention lasted about three hours and despite the complexity, the end result was satisfactory,” Explained Sanchez Sotelo, chief of shoulder and elbow surgery at Mayo Clinic

The surgery consisted of removing the two screws proximal to the posterior plate previously placed by Dr. Samuel Antonia in December 2020, followed by alternate cutting of the humerus. The procedure in question consisted of making a transverse cut of the humerus to rotate the humerus along its axis, and the amount of external rotation that is performed today was about 30 degrees,” explains Sanchez Sotelo.

“The humerus was fixed in the new position by means of an anterior plate with multiple screws. The surgery was completed without incident,” confirms the American doctor, who concluded that he would like “to wish Marc Marquez a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery. A successful return to his career” .

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