Unusual event: A new volcano could erupt in Mexico

The shape of the volcano is associated with destruction. The anger that he pushes is washed out, With all kinds of molten materials, at the same time that it shakes the earth with the power of the rock giant that it represents testifies to this. However, volcanoes are as old as any landscape on Earth, and Its development is a purely natural phenomenon. Far from any picture of the biblical end of the world, the The emergence and eruptions of volcanoes It is more frequent than the episodes narrated in the scriptures sowing chaos.

In fact, in some parts of the world they are so common they almost serve as a reminder of that Earth’s engine room never stops working. New companies are still emerging, slow but solid. Another one in Mexico. The country has more than 2,000, of which 42 are recognized and 12 are active. Next will sprout from the ground in the country’s capital.

The tectonic situation creates the perfect scenario

According to a study conducted by National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)It is not a possibility. It is a fact, a hundred percent reliable prediction of many experts. will be located in Sierra de Chichinotzinin the southern part of the mountain range that surrounds Mexico City; Next to Xitle Volcano. As the expert in volcanology explains, Anna Lillian Martinl MillenniumIt’s as easy as you assume it is “If there is magma, a new one will be born.”

As always in any sector related to geology, specifically, With volcanologyTo find answers you have to bow your head. The explanation lies underground. crescent moon tectonic conditions affiliate Chichinautzin Volcanic Fieldin the south of the capital, which makes it possible to bloom rocky springs.

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The earliest, in eight centuries

From the university institution itself they quickly came out to de-escalate the situation. It will happen and will cause very likely devastation. But it won’t be now. Not tomorrow. In fact, as he explained in a statement via Twitter, “This could happen in 800 or 1,200 years.”

It’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. Other similar formations have appeared in the past in the same place. However, if the reader from Mexico City should know something, it’s that they are monogenic type volcanoes, which is how those smaller volcanoes are known as opposed to the polygenic type. It only erupts once And they have a shorter existence. Everything, as part of a hot phenomenon, is as unscriptural and natural as winds and tides.

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