United States universities are looking for Argentine students

The possibility of studying a degree, postgraduate or English language course in the US may be closer than it seems. Next Tuesday, September 5th Education Expo USA 2023organized with the support of the State Department and the US Embassy, ​​is aimed at Argentines who wish to obtain a Academic experience in the north of the countryWhether they are high school students, college students or professionals.

The appointment – in person – will be at the Buenos Aires Marriott Hotel (Carlos Pellegrini 551, CABA), Tuesday 5/5/1430 AH from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.. Participation in the exhibition is free, with prior registration through the website. At this event, attendees will be able to speak directly with Admissions directors at participating US universities.

The exhibition includes proposals for Undergraduate courses, master’s and doctoral programmes, English language courses and short-term courses. There will also be information available about the possibilities Scholarships and financial aid. Additionally, the event will provide guidance on the student visa application process directly from the U.S. Embassy.

between the 20 institutions of higher education Participating in the show are the American Academy of Music and Drama in New York, Elmhurst University, Florida Atlantic University, Foothill and De Anza Colleges, Full Sail University, Goucher College, Green River Community College, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, and Jacksonville State. University, Middle Tennessee State University, and Minerva University.

There will be too Situations From Northeastern University, Nova Southeastern University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Troy University, University of Bridgeport, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Florida, Santa Fe College, University of Kentucky, and University of South Alabama. This year, Education USA returns to form PersonallyAfter a break due to the epidemic.

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The event is organized by EducationUSA, a global network present in more than 170 countries and affiliated with the US Government’s Department of State, whose mission is to provide information about study opportunities in that country. There are 6 education centers in Argentina in the United States of America: 3 in Capa and 3 more in Mendoza, Rosario and Cordoba. They work for US embassies and consulates, Fulbright commissions, binational centers, universities, and nonprofit organizations.

At the fair there will be platforms and media talks from the US Embassy, ​​the Fulbright Commission on Scholarships and Academic Exchanges, and ICANA. Moreover the organizing team Students will be advised on how to prepare for the application.

As explained by EducationUSA, the application process for universities and institutes of higher education in Argentina is very simple. Anyway, they make it clear Each university has its own minimum requirements To accept an international student. They stress: “In general, these institutions are looking for students with a comprehensive profile.”

What does it mean?Integrated profileEducation USA advises: “It is important to consider all… Outdoor activities Which you did, whether workshops, sports, courses, volunteer work or any social activity that takes up your time outside the classroom. In addition, you will have to highlight all the qualities that make you unique and show your passion for the activities you do, even if you dedicate yourself to only one.

Among the requirements are also mentioned:recommendation Letter issued by your teachers or tutors”, which highlights the positive points of the candidate. In addition to activities carried out outside of school, applying to a university usually requires a “A Article in English You must tell your story, tastes and interests, as well as what distinguishes you and what makes you a unique student. As Education USA explains, universities usually value good essay writing, vocabulary, and the way an applicant expresses themselves.

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The United States is one of the countries most chosen by international students to begin their studies in higher education. lhave More than 4,000 universities All over the country, many of them among the best in the world, such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Chicago, Columbia, or Yale.

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