United States to test poultry vaccine

Argentina’s National Agricultural Food Health and Quality Service (Cinassa) has confirmed two cases of avian influenza (AI) H5 in backyard birds (chicken) in the cities of Vila Tulumba (Cordoba) and Centeno (Santa Fe), adding up to 14 detections. The disease, among more than 100 notifications, has been distributed in Cordoba (8), Santa Fe (2), Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Neuquen and Salta.

Meanwhile, the Cinassa Corrientes-Missiones Regional Center agreed with representatives of both provinces to strengthen joint prevention and control work to prevent the disease from entering those border areas with Paraguay, holding task coordination meetings with farm authorities in the two provinces.

Instant notification

Under the health emergency plan issued on February 17 after the confirmation of the first infection in a wild goose in Jujuy, the authorities will be immediately notified of a suspected case notification from AI taken by any of the provincial institutions. From the cinassa to follow-up sampling in the field.

The meetings were held at the facilities of the agricultural ministries in both governorates, where a flow chart of activities was announced, communication procedures, talks and training for the general public were coordinated, and an emphasis on how to proceed before symptomatic birds were detected. and/or deaths. On the other hand, Sinassa strengthened controls on his route and at border crossings with Paraguay and Brazil.

Ranked in CRDOBA

In addition, since the beginning of the emergency, in Córdoba, scoops are made in the establishments where positive cases have been detected, and in the surrounding properties, samples are taken from birds with symptoms compatible with the disease, and suspicions and notifications are treated.

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Meanwhile, in Jujuy Province, agents from the Sinassa North NOAA Regional Center conducted a survey and inspection of the bird situation at Lake Popayan, in the town of El Cebal, covering the entire water mirror without revealing health news in the wild population. In this region, the first case of avian influenza was confirmed in a wild migratory bird, of the species Hualata or Andean goose, in Lake Pozuelos, in the north of the province, near the border with Bolivia.

Anxiety before the near income

The head of the National Service for Animal Health and Quality (Sinaxa), Jose Carlos Martin, stated that the poultry sector and the country are witnessing disturbances due to the imminent entry of the virus due to the new outbreaks that have spread in the region, especially. In some Argentine provinces such as Cordoba. We are really very worried, the risk of them entering the country is imminent because there are many cases in Argentina. It is a fact that we have to manage in the area, but the good thing is that Paraguay has not had any cases, and we can say that this is thanks to the fact that we are a landlocked country, and also because of the controls or the pace. work when issues break out in other countries.” He also noted that they had been working for about 8 months from the National Service for Plant, Seed Quality and Health (Senave) with notifications and corresponding prevention mechanisms, after it became known that the disease was already causing problems in the US and in Canada , then Europe.

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