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At only 32 years old, Margot Robbie They have become one of the stars most sought after by directors in Hollywood, playing memorable roles such as the live-action version of “Barbie”Together with Ryan Gosling, the villain Harley Quinn in the DC Comics tapes or the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

That is, by the year 2023, the Celebrities from the United States ready to surprise with his participation in “Babylon”, the tape in which star roles take part Brad Pitt And he even had the luxury of going off script just to kiss his partner.

However, this is not the only life-giving experience of the actress Tonya Harding on Netflix tape, where he revealed he has a list of “Best kissesHe revealed who was the actor with whom he lived his best experience.

Margot Robbie in a scene from “Babylon” (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Best kiss from Margot Robbie

Throughout her career, the Australian actress has shared the screen with famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Alexander Skarsgård, Jared Leto, Sebastian Stan, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva, and Ryan Gosling, with whom she has shared love scenes, what else includes kissing them.

During a promotional tour for “Babylon”, the actress was consulted who is the best actress in romantic scenes, and she admitted that she leads what she considers the most important actors.

All my friends always ask me who is the best kisser and want me to rate them“, pointed out.

In the face of pressure from her peers, Margot would end up revealing that despite being involved with important film personalities, the actor who accepted the best was Max Irons.

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There is a British actor named Max Irons. We did a movie called The Perfect Revenge, a little bit of a standalone movie. And I remember thinking that was a great appetizerHe confirmed.

Who is Max Iron?

Iron Maximilian Paul Diarmuidthe real name of the Briton, is an actor whose main job is in television and theatrical series, as well as being the son of the famous actor Jeremy Irons.

Although he wasn’t as well known as his father, he made notable strides in productions like ‘The Girl in the Red Head’, ‘The Guest’, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘The Perfect Revenge’ and the series ‘The Condor’, in which he co-starred with Brendan Fraser.

in “The perfect revenge“, also known as “Terminal”, while the actress gives life to Annie, a woman who gets in the way of the plan of two hired killers, one of whom plays Irons.

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