United States: The meteorologist passed out live and had to be hospitalized

An American meteorologist was hospitalized after he fainted while alive When her classmates gave her space to comment on the time in Los Angeles. in the middle of the transmission The woman behind the desk fell Before the amazed look of the presenters. after being transferred, He shared a post explaining his situation.

It comes to Alisa Carlson SchwartzA 47-year-old weather anchor from the channel kcal (or channel 9) owned by CBS From Los Angeles, California, USA. On Saturday, while showing the weather on the morning show, he started to feel bad and Before he could say a word, he passed out.

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Live the moment the journalist faints

in the images that were broadcast on television It’s clear how Schwartz disappears, pale, when her eyes roll back upAnd despite trying to stay upright, He collapsed behind the desk and hit his head.

At the time, the news program anchors Nichelle Medina And Rachel Kim They were surprised by what had happened, but at first they didn’t seem to care what had happened. However, after a short time, they realized and communicated with the onlookers: “Let’s take a short break now“.

Later, CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director, Mike Dello Strettocommenting that the woman’s colleagues called 911 to be treated and she was later transferred to a local hospital, according to media reports. the people And Fox News.

A day later, Schwartz made a post through his official Facebook account sharing his state of health and recalling an old event from 2014.”Thanks for all the well wishes as I recover from a head injury. I’m out of the hospital and doing well. I slept a lot and even ate some pizzaHe said “thank you very much”.

However, it was not clear what caused the fainting and whether the head injury was the result of the blow when he fell from his chair, or if it was another injury. “I appreciate all the prayers while I recover.“, he confirmed. “There is more to come…” she warned.

Finally, he makes it clear that it had nothing to do with the other incident he had nine years earlier when he vomited live on the website of another TV show. At that time, he was diagnosed with a heart problem called a leaky heart valve. “Fortunately, it’s not my heart this time.”explained.


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