United States soldiers “down” on the streets of Zaragoza

In recent days, residents and visitors of Zaragoza were surprised to see an unusual sight on the city’s windy streets. As published by Digital Today AragonMany people were surprised to see the US Army marching through the streets in uniform.

Surprise or curiosity has nothing to do with the fact that they are military, but precisely because it is a sight that was common in the past and is back in these histories. In this sense, they remember from the aforementioned portal that the presence of the American army was not strange decades ago, when the forces of this North American country were completely established at the Zaragoza Air Base.

It is also indicated in the above information that it is not surprising that some curiosity may have arisen in the current international context, with the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, or given that the San Gregorio field is the largest for military maneuvers. All of Europe.

The reason is according to the defense

according to Today Aragon, Sources from the Ministry of Defense explained that the reason why this strange scene was witnessed by the US military is that they are musicians who are part of the US headquarters on European soil and visit it at the right time to provide assistance. Concert in the framework of the various activities of the Spanish Land Army.

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