Doran compared Barba Maile to Hitler: “He is always serious and angry, he reminds me of a German who destroyed almost half the world”

The Ecuadorian analyst was in favor of dollarization, but emphasized that “Christ does not make me very confident, I do not care about ideology, they are always dangerous.” He also gave his opinion on the PRO intern and Macri left a tip.

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Jaime Duran BeardEcuadorean advisor He was behind Mauricio Macri’s campaign in 2015I solved Millie’s phenomenon and the Indoor PRO. The former president also warned against appointing a “puppet candidate because he is drowning him out.”

Beard rotation sSunday afternoon with strong definitions of current Argentine politics. From Quito, the Ecuadorian set the scenario of our country in the context of the deep economic crisis and potential candidates for the presidency of the nation days after Alberto Fernandez refused to run for re-election.

He noted that “a cheap offer does not lead anywhere,” explaining that “there is a need for parties that think, have people who analyze things.”. But he warned that “voters are not there to receive deep messages”: “It is a reality, you have to look for a language and a topic that helps solve the square meter economy and that’s how you get votes… The proposal must be serious as well.”

In this context , He considered Horacio Rodríguez Larita to “have an advantage” over Patricia Bullrich. to Duran Barba Macri should not support either of the two in PRO training. The best thing Macri can do is not try to get a puppet candidate because he is drowning him out.. People do not accept puppets, but rather want individuals with personality so that the president can be president.”

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In the midst of the debate about dollarization Pinned by Javier Milei, Barba He was in favor and set the example of Ecuador: “He certainly served. Korea was a mortal enemy and he endured it for 10 years, and he has the support of 95% of the population.”

He indicated that he had a “very active role” because “the decision to dollarize was taken 9 days before the military coup, when I was Jamil Moawad’s chief of staff.” I’m no economist, but I get what the opposition wants. You were the bridge between the president and the leader of the opposition.”

People didn’t understand what dollarization was, but it gave poor people access to credit. Since then there have been presidents who hated her but couldn’t move her.”

When asked about Milley, the analyst explained that he did not know him personally, but said he had “little affection for the prophets”.. “I believe in ordinary people, and I like leaders who laugh, and those who don’t laugh scare me. When the leader is not laughing, he is always serious and angry. I remember a German who destroyed almost half of the world and who didn’t laugh either and was always the liberal MP to Adolf Hitler.

“You have to be careful of the Messiah. It’s not a matter of anti-Semitism, it’s a matter of temperament. In general, I fear those who feel enlightened and have quick fixes.“, to caution.

beard They analyzed that voting for the economist from La Libertad Avanza is “against all politiciansThey compared it to Don Trump in the United States, Castillo in Peru, Porec in Chile and Bolsonaro in Brazil.: “These experiments always end up flying in the air: Bolsonaro was the only president of Brazil who lost re-election while in power; Trump was the only American president who tried to take over the Capitol and destroy American democracy…”. “Messiahs don’t make me too sure of myself,” he insisted, “I don’t care about ideology, they’re always dangerous.”

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