Tourists and asylum seekers are victims of a tragedy on the Canada-US border

According to a report by the Toronto Star, the bodies of the eight migrants recovered in the St. Lawrence River near Akwesasne on the Canada-US border belonged to two families.

The first is about a Romanian family, Florin Iordac and his wife, Cristina (Mona Lisa) Zinaida Iordac, both 28 years old, and two young children with Canadian passports.

According to the publication, Yordach and his family have already applied for asylum twice in Canada and have been arrested while trying to cross into the United States.

They first applied for asylum in 2018, when they had no children, but US authorities arrested them two months later near Blaine, Washington, after they jumped off a freight train to flee.

In March 2020, Iordac and his now-wife returned to Toronto from Romania, to file a new asylum application.

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Eighteen months later, he and his wife, who was seven months pregnant with their son, Eileen, and their Canadian-born daughter, Evelyn, were arrested in Washington state after attempting to cross into the United States in a rented car near Pioneer Park in Great Britain. Britain, Colombia.

Iordac and his wife applied for asylum in Canada due to ethnic persecution of Roma minorities and were scheduled for deportation from Canada last Wednesday after they were assessed as safe to return to Romania.

The other four victims are an Indian family in Canada on a visitor visa, including Father Pravinbhai Chaudhary, 50; the mother, Dakshaben, 45; dead son, 20; and daughter, Fedi, 23.

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The tragedy came less than a week after Ottawa and Washington reached an agreement to tighten bilateral rules to stop irregular migration along the 9,000 km of Canada-US land border.

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