Tired of other people’s work and despite her fear, she confronted her boss: “You changed my life”

It must be one of the most important things to confront superiors for demanding something that is inconsistent with them uncomfortable And complicated for any factor.

That’s what I felt Christine, a young American woman tired of taking on responsibilities that don’t go with her, decides to take an initiative “too risky” for her and confront her boss. Despite the nerves and uncertainty, he gave him a completely unexpected answer that changed his life.

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In the video, share it Tik Tokthe user @employee He explained that he had been doing for some time Additional tasks belonging to another area of ​​the company. As I commented, these responsibilities were associated with a higher position than they were.

The young woman was concerned about the claim she had made. (Photo: TikTok Capture/_kristinlorraine)

Faced with this situation, Christine decided to email her boss to explain what was happening and so on The authorities will reassess their charges.

In addition, in the same text, the young woman told her supervisor that one of the extra jobs she was doing was writing a weekly report and that this corresponded to the Finance Department.

This detailed report and other additional tasks outside my obligations As a worker,” was one of the remarks made by the employee.

She got tired of doing other people’s work and ran into her boss. (Video: TikTok/_Kristinlorraine)

Near the end, despite the risk he was taking, he decided to issue an order: “I wonder if they can decide who should do these jobs? I would, since I was cooperating with other areas of the company, Free myself from these extra tasks to get back to fulfilling the usual obligations From my site, thank you very much.”

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Throughout the clip, you can tell how anxious and nervous Kristen is sending that text. “I’m so scared,” he said, “I’m shaking.”

After endless waiting, the girl finally received an answer that shocked her: Not only did her boss agree, but incredibly, she also gave her a promotion..

“My boss agreed with the fact that these jobs are not specific to my job position and told me that they would delegate those tasks to the finance area. In addition, he told me that they would give me a promotion. I got a promotion without even asking, Yes! He said in another video.

Not only did they endorse her claim, but they also promoted her.b (Photo: Capture Instagram/_kristinlorraine)

In addition to her influence on the social network, Christine came to speak with the local media daily point She stated that, at first, she was afraid to talk to her boss about it because I already had bad experiences in previous jobs.

Apparently, this job would be the exception because the young woman said, “My current boss is A great person“.

It became the video in which he recounts his experience diffuse To date, it has more than two million views and more than 100,000 likes. In addition, her followers were surprised by her and applauded her boss’s position:To be a respected leader. She understands that you are capable of taking on additional responsibility and rewards you.“.

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