The day Kate Middleton made a surprise Eurovision performance: Video of the Princess playing the piano that opened the final in Liverpool

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton plays the piano at Eurovision 2023. (EBU)

he Eurovision Song Contest About to open its sixty-eighth edition, the European competition has, throughout its long history, left moments of collective memory. One of them was the sudden intervention of Princess Kate In the edition that was held last year in 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

After the victory of the Ukrainians Kalush Orchestra In Turin the previous year, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided that the competition’s runner-up, the United Kingdom, would host the next edition, given the complex situation in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

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The British people were excited to see the return of the festival to their country, an event in which all institutions participated and had a noticeable family presence. In reality, Charles III and Camilla They were responsible for activating the M&S Bank Arena stage lighting. They did this just days before they were crowned kings of England.

Kings Charles III and Camilla during the opening of the Eurovision 2023 stage (Reuters/Phil Noble)

One of the most anticipated moments of every edition of Eurovision is Opening From the grand final. This is the introductory video Opening performance On stage on the night that puts the finishing touches on Eurovision Week and in which the long-awaited crystal microphone is awarded.

It was precisely at the opening of the Eurovision 2023 final, on Saturday, May 13, when Princess Kate made her stunning appearance. The big night of the competition started with a video in which he appeared Ukraine and the United Kingdom shared the leadThis was in the presence of its representatives from the previous year, Kalush and Sam Ryder.

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After seeing Ukrainians wandering around on the Kiev subway and the British man playing guitar on a tower block in London, the camera panned into a hotel room. Windsor Castle. Specifically, millions of spectators from all over the planet were able to enter the Crimson Drawing Room, where Princess Kate appeared playing the piano.

Prince William’s wife smiled and wore a stunning look from one of her leading designers, Jenny Packham, and once again showed off her musical talents, something she has done on other occasions at events such as the annual Together at Christmas charity concert.

After the moment of applause, Kate Middleton shared her performance on the official Instagram account of the Princes of Wales. “Eurovision surprise. It was a pleasure to join Kalush for this very special performance. “Enjoy the show Liverpool,” he wrote at the time.

After Loren’s victory in Liverpool, Sweden confirmed that it will be the host country for the 2024 edition, which is a very special edition for the country, as it coincides with… 50th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Aba, The successful Swedish group that rose to international stardom after winning the European competition with it Waterloo.

As happened after Lorraine’s previous win in 2012, Malmö was once again chosen to host the festival. The city, located near the Danish capital, Copenhagen, is already prepared to host a new edition of the most watched music competition on television, which will undoubtedly leave new surprises for history.

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