Kate Middleton is approaching the army: what are her new titles?

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Kate Middleton She is one of the most beloved members of British royalty by the people of the United Kingdom. She and her husband, first in line to the British throne, are more popular than the current monarchs. Many point out that she evokes a feeling similar to that which her mother-in-law engendered in her subjects.

Since she married Prince William Kate Middleton He officially became part of the British gentry. Likewise, her family already had ties to the monarchy from her ancestors, but the fact that she married the future king allowed her to claim the title of Princess of Wales in September 2022.

Princess of Wales She was involved in military issues from the beginning of her relationship with William. The future monarch of the United Kingdom trained as a pilot and practiced for some time before retiring to focus on other duties of the monarchy.

King Carlos III has just granted new military titles to his daughter-in-law, as well as to other members of his family. now Kate became Major Commodore of the Air Fleet, Chief Commodore of the 1st Regiment of the Queen’s Hussars, and Honorary Royal Air Commodore at RAF Coningsby Which strengthens its links with the British Armed Forces. Even the first surname is very close to her because one of her great-grandfathers was part of aviation and served with her husband’s grandfather.

Many of the titles that have been handed out to the royal family have belonged to Prince Andrew who was stripped of his military titles due to legal scandals that have emerged in recent years. However, his brother allowed him to wear traditional gowns at his coronation, but his second son did not. Neither of them could wear military uniforms to their mother’s funeral either.

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The fact that William’s wife had received these appointments illustrates the close relationship she had with her father-in-law, as well as his trust in her to take charge of certain political and military matters relating to his family. This also shows that the relationship with William’s brother has become increasingly distant after he abandons his royal obligations to the family.

fans Future Queen of the United Kingdom They noticed certain details that attracted attention and sparked rumors that he wouldn’t get along with his sister-in-law, actress Meghan Markle. What are we referring to? Nothing more and nothing less than a fashion decision.

In recent months it was possible to see Kate Middleton He wears heels which used to be a favorite of Harry’s wife. They have a bow at the back that holds the heel and are famous for what followers of the Welsh royal family believe she may have done so “on purpose” to show that she prioritized family while the brother-in-law chose to walk away.

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