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The new Samsung launch date is approaching. As the days go by, more and more leaks are hitting the public eager to take a look at what the Galaxy S24 Ultra could bring to the table this year.

One of the highlights that came to light is the rumor of such a camera system Main It will still be 200MP sensitive, though the hardware It is the same as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it will have great improvements in Programming Which, among other things, will prevent loss of image quality when doing digital zoom.

Other sources state that the previous model’s 10MP 3x telephoto lens will be replaced with a 5x zoom unit and that a 50MP sensor with 3x optical zoom will be added. Some of the leaks also promise improvements to the periscope camera that we saw on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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When the Galaxy S23 Ultra was announced last year, it was not considered that it had enough technical innovations to be considered a big leap over its predecessor, which put pressure on the South Korean company to impress us this year.

In response, the assembly line will likely discard the Exynos technology the brand has become accustomed to, in favor of the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC chip.

There is still a few months to go before more clarity in this regard, but it is suspected that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have an improved battery that will offer greater autonomy without increasing its thickness or weight, and will have significantly higher wired and wireless charging speeds.

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As for the design, not much is known yet, but if we analyze the latest Samsung releases in recent years, we don’t think that the Next line Main It will distance itself a lot from its predecessors in terms of aesthetics, although it is suspected that the South Korean company will abandon the curved screen and opt for a flat screen, like the iPhone 14 Pro.

next to ProgrammingMost likely, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will hit stores with Android 13 or later and running under an updated version of One Ui 6 interface.

ice worldUser X (formerly Twitter) recently revealed that Potential Dimensions is next smart phone from Samsung it will be 162.3mm x 79mm and the (flat perhaps) screen will be 0.9mm larger.

What has excited tech enthusiasts is that leaks indicate that the S24 Ultra will be thicker than its predecessor. The question here is: “What is the technical improvement that justifies this increase?”

As the weeks go by, more rumors will appear on the web, but none of these rumors should be taken seriously until it’s Samsung’s turn to tell us what news it’s coming up with last. Main.

So far, these have been some of the latest releases from the brand at its latest event. Unfilled.

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