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Three CEBAS-CSIC scientists, on the list of the world’s most selected sciences
Researchers Juan Carlos Espin, Antonio Gonzalez-Sarias and Francisco Tomas Barberan have again appeared in the prestigious 2021 rankings of the most cited researchers!
They are the only scientists from the region included in this list, which includes only one out of a thousand researchers in the world!

Researchers Juan Carlos Espin, Antonio Gonzalez Sarrias and Francisco Tomas Barberan, from the Food and Health Laboratory of the Segura Center for Soil Science and Applied Biology (CEBAS-CSIC), were included in the prestigious list
Highly Cited Researchers 2021
Produced by Clarivate Analytics. these
Researchers have been identified for several consecutive years in the aforementioned order
Due to the excellence of its investigations.
Doctors Espen, Thomas and Gonzalez-Sarias are studying the health benefits of plant foods. His main line of research attempts to explain why the same food produces different effects according to each person, which is of great importance in personal nutrition and disease prevention. The researchers developed research projects funded by the National Research Plan and the European Union, in addition, they
Franchise Group for the Region of Murcia (Foundation Seneca).
This arrangement, led by scholars from the United States, China and the United Kingdom,
The position of our country has been maintained throughout the past decade and this year it managed to rise to one rank; Very commendable fact to be able to put itself ahead of other countries implementing
Larger investment in R + D + i.
Among the 6,600 global researchers included in the list,
more information:
Buzz Gomez Martin
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With researchers with the greatest impact in
press release
CSIC Communication
The 2021 Clarivate Most Quoted Researchers List identifies scientists who are helping push the boundaries of knowledge to make the world a richer, more sustainable and safer world. This list identifies less than 0.1% of the world’s scholars because they have published papers ranked in the top 1% by number of citations in their field and year of publication. The sooner a work is cited, the more it affects the research of other scholars in your area. Although the list is published annually, the data refer to the past 10 years (2010-2020), so it is not an accurate assessment, but rather an acknowledgment of it.
Scientific path of the last decade.
Spain in the top ten
Spain ranks 9
Australia, Germany, Holland, Canada and France.
Selected in more than 1,300 universities and institutions
Research from more than 70 countries over the past decade.
19 of them are from CSIC, the main Spanish public research body. CSIC is the institution that contributes the most researchers to the ranking in Spain and to which the three Murcia Scholars belong, the only ones in the region distinguished in
108 from Spain, from
This specific arrangement.

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