“Tiger King 2” remains a typical character parade of a circus of horror

The second part of the documentary series “Tiger King” hit Netflix in mid-October with even more secret numbers than the premiere of its first section in March 2020. Without a doubt, this time the documentaries have lost their surprising impact. He said in the middle of the epidemic explosion.

by Maria J. Lomas – November 22, 2021

weird Go Exotic Way Carol Baskin, embroiled in a vicious struggle on behalf of the Big Cats – as justice has confirmed – led the Exotic to attempt to kill his enemy, They stunned the world thanks to the Netflix documentary series. tiger king Unveiled an underworld located in the southern United States Animal lovers, especially big cats, live by exposing their beasts in suspicious conditions In private zoos in the face of stiff opposition from activists and animal associations. In the new episodes, The absence of the two main characters gives a prominence to a series of individuals, each one dirtier, appears in the shadow of documentary fame.

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