This was the weak statement on aviation for the UK-led COP

The International Aviation Climate Ambition Alliance was launched this week during the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow. With this declaration, Alliance member states commit to work together to support the adoption of an ambitious global target for carbon dioxide emissions from international aviation by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

They also commit to supporting specific measures to reduce aviation emissions, including sustainable aviation fuels, and a global compensation scheme Line and new aviation technologies.

The UK-led international declaration on aviation’s climate ambition announce yesterday was qualified by an independent entity Transport and the environment (I eat you Too weak to reduce the impact of the flight on the climate.

Very weak

as Transport and the environmentRelying on the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Signatories are making the same mistakes as previous efforts to tackle aviation emissions.

The declaration, signed by the United Kingdom, France and the United States, among others, acknowledges that the number of air passengers and cargo globally is expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades, placing significant stresses on the planet.

For this reason, countries are asked to take into account the goal of the Paris Agreement of keeping the increase in average global temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius, above pre-industrial levels.

But T&E warns that «Trust in ICAO and carbon offset scheme To achieve net zero in the long run, it will only be Another distraction from the actual measurements to clean flights Short-term«.

keep going

Matt Finch, Director of UK Policy at Transport and the environment, it was mentioned “The world calls for strong action to tackle global aviation emissions. That’s not all. We cannot allow this statement to detract from the fact that individual nations must go farther and faster.

Most worrisome, according to the politically independent nonprofit T&E, is the reliance on the International Civil Aviation Organization, The signatories have not taken the essential step to address aviation emissions Including these emissions in its national climate targets, which the UK, which led the declaration, pledged earlier this year.

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Matt Finch concludes that: “In a COP dedicated to increasing ambition, it is disappointing that these countries continue to rely on The UN aviation agency is deeply flawed. Signatories should follow the UK’s lead and take the essential first step of including their share of aviation emissions in each country’s budgets. Clean aviation will remain consistent as countries continue to shirk their individual responsibility to act«.

source | COP 26 Declaration: The Coalition for International Climate Aviation Ambition

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