This is why Prince Philip’s will was sealed for 90 years

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband died in April at the age of 99. The family supreme judge made the decision to protect the note

A judge sealed the will of Prince Philip, who died in April at the age of 99, this Thursday.

Justice Andrew MacFarlane argued that the document should be kept secret to protect the “dignity” of his widow, Queen Elizabeth II, who is the head of state of Great Britain.

In addition, he made it clear that Felipe’s will must be sealed for 90 years. After that, it can be opened privately and you can think about whether it should be published.

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Wills are usually public documents in Britain, but for nearly a century it has been the custom to seal wills of members of the royal family by order of the Supreme Court.

“I have argued that because of the constitutional position of the sovereign, it is appropriate that we should have a private practice in respect of royal probate,” MacFarlane said in a written ruling. “The protections afforded to the truly private aspects of the lives of this limited group of people must be strengthened in order to preserve the dignity of the Sovereign and her close family,” MacFarlane said.

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The judge indicated that he had not seen the will or had been informed of its contents.

The judge said that while there may be “public curiosity” about royal probate, “there is no real public interest in the public knowing this completely private information.”

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