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Netflix On Wednesday, she revealed that she will be adding an anime movie One Piece Z . movie On April 15th.

The film opened in Japan in December 2012. One Piece Z . movie It was the fastest selling domestic movie tickets with $1 million in 2012. It sold 600,000 tickets for 750 million yen (about $9 million at the time) on the first day and 1.14 million tickets for 1,372,050,000 yen (about $16339.700) American) in its opening weekend, the highest of any 2012 movie.

Funimation released the movie in 2014 and it describes the story:

Said to be comparable to ancient weapons, the Marines’ trump card, the Dina Stones, was suddenly stolen by a group of rogue guards. The man in charge of the terrifyingly strong, former Marine Admiral “Z”, now stands in the way of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Can the Straw Hats defeat “Z” and his crew, or will the new world come to an end at the hands of this madman?

Netflix It will be broadcast exclusively on the live Hollywood series from the manga Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The first season will contain ten episodes. Oda will serve as executive producer.

Netflix is ​​streaming the first 130 episodes of the anime One Piece. The service also streams the anime One Piece: Strong World, One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventure in Alabasta, and One Piece: Episode of Chopper – The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom.

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One Piece Stampede, the 14th and newest movie in the franchise, opened in Japan in August 2019 and grossed over 10 billion yen (approximately US$93 million) at the worldwide box office. Funimation released the film in theaters in the United States and Canada in October 2019. The film celebrated the 20th anniversary of the anime.

anime movie one piece red film It opens in Japan on August 6. Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass, One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzak! (Exclusive) directs the film. Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film Gold, One Piece: Heart of Gold, GANTZ: O, Live-Action Black Butler) writes. Screenplay, One Piece manga creator Oda serves as executive producer.

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