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There are fewer and fewer days to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome a new 12-month period. Although New Year is celebrated all over the world on the same date, due to time zones, there are countries that will be the first to celebrate this event, while others will celebrate it at a later time.

If you want to know in What countries will arrive before 2022 Continue reading the following note.

Where will the 2022 tournament be first?

Which country will receive 2022 first? Kiribati, which is located in the northeast of Australia. Kiribati has a population of over 115,847 and consists of a total of 33 atolls and atolls. The official languages ​​are English and Ghibelin. However, in the Samoan region, the dominant regions are English and Samoan, and this region is also distinguished by the presence of the first time zone on the planet.

Kiribati is ideal for those who love diving and fishing thanks to the beautiful barrier reefs, lagoons and forests found throughout the territory. All this also makes it a dream landscape for those who visit it.

The second country to celebrate the New Year

the Chatham Island It is located 680 km from the largest group of the Chatham Islands and will be the second to say goodbye to 2021 and start the new year. This island is part of New Zealand and has an area of ​​900 square kilometres.

Fiji and Tonga They will be the ones who celebrate the New Year in third place. Both are part of Oceania and are two neighboring countries, however, they do not have a land border. Both Fiji and Tonga are known for their tropical white-sand beaches and azure waters, as well as rainforests and coral reefs.

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The first to welcome 2022

We leave you a short list of the six countries that will be the first to celebrate the coming of the New Year on December 31.

– Republic of Kiribati

Chatham Island – New Zealand

-Fiji and Toga


Isla Norfolk – Australia

Who will be the last to celebrate 2022?

Just as there will be countries that will greet the new year before the rest of the world, there are also some countries that will celebrate after the rest. This is the case of the Howland and Parker Islands.

the Howland and Parker Islands It is part of the territory of the United States and is a place used as a national wildlife refuge, so it has no economic activity or population. Its territory is quite small, its area is only 2.6 square kilometers. Both are part of the archipelago of the Phoenix Islands and were designated a World Heritage Site in 1974. Despite being uninhabited, they are visited by the US Coast Guard annually.

The last countries to celebrate 2022

Just as we tell you which countries will greet the arrival of the New Year first, we also tell you who will be the last to celebrate and leave 2021. We already know that the Howland and Parker Islands will be the last, read on to find out what other countries will accompany them.

Unlike other list in which countries such as Russia or Fiji appeared, in this list all the islands belong to larger countries, such as Niue which belongs to New Zealand or Tahiti, which is one of the islands known and preferred by travelers in French Polynesia.

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Howland and Parker Islands – United States

– Niue – New Zealand

– Tahiti – French Polynesia

Pitcairn Island – United Kingdom

Isla Revelagedo – Mexico

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