This is the best class ever, according to experts

According to this group of experts, The best chapter in the series’ history is “Marge against the Monorail”.. It was first broadcast on January 14, 1993 in the United States and is part of the fourth season.

In this episode, Springfield fined Mr. Burns $ 3 million for dumping toxic nuclear waste. At one rally, the city decided to give money to businessman Lyle Lanley, who persuaded them with a musical performance to build a high-speed train system running through town.

Lanley was actually a con man, taking most of the money and making a low-quality design that failed on the first voyage. The most important thing in the episode is Marge acted as a detective because the businessman’s proposal was not closed by he and Homer, who became the driver of the Springfield Monorail..

The jury included the three American writers most knowledgeable about the Yellow Family and investigated: John Ortved (author of “The Simpsons: An Uncensored and Unauthorized History”), Chris Turner (author of “Planet Simpson: How the Wonderful Cartoonist Generation Was Defined”) and Ray Richmond (co-author of The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family).

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