This cockpit setup costs more than a real plane

Due to the difficulty of flying these days, you can get on the plane at home.

simulation Video games have an entire world of their own. Fans of this genre are no strangers to investing good amounts of money and effort towards obtaining it The most realistic experience possible. And if not, let them tell Nvidia’s mod team, As a subscriber computer games. Known as “GeForce Garage,” this group created a cockpit setup for Microsoft Flight Simulator This one definitely more than one person would like to have at home. If you can reserve a full room for him, he will About $ 20,000 to create it, Clear.

It houses three 65-inch LG CX TVs, which combine with Nvidia Surround technology to deliver a screen Resolution 5760 x 1080 pixels, This release uses Nvidia RTX 3080 with Intel i9-10900k, 32GB RAM and liquid cooling to run Microsoft’s popular emulator. What matters is not what it carries in its engine, but what is contained in its chassis. The system was completely installed on Action platform from Next Level RacingWith Logitech Flight Accessories to make you feel like you are in the cockpit of a real plane.

The result is A seat that moves with every bend and point The plane that transmits in real time the movements of our virtual plane so that it feels as if we are flying in real time. Within a margin of 10 degrees in each direction, sure, don’t expect to make small chair loops. I am not happy with it, It is located under the chair Rear-zone driver utilization power adapter, Simulate the impact of landing gear When landing or taking off.

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As mentioned by the aforementioned broker, this cockpit is $ 20,000 to play Microsoft Flight Simulator It costs more than a real plane. In fact, at PC Gamer, they found some models for sale for just over $ 10,000 and are ready to fly. But of course, everything has to remember that era in which one can freely travel anywhere, especially now after updating the game. Expansion focused on the United Kingdom. If you haven’t yet launched in this emulator, then put it on a list 11 games with more realistic graphics of 2020, Please feel free to review Microsoft Flight Simulator analysis.

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