This is Iteleflix, the portal with over 300 free TV channels

More and more people, especially the younger ones, are using it Mobile devices to watch TV. Good because they do other tasks and need mobility that a phone or tabletor because they are looking to use a channel other than the one offered by home television, there are alternatives that enable them to watch all kinds of content for free.

Hence, there are web portals offering affordable search a Choose up to 300 channels From all over the world where you can watch different content, without having to pay anything as a subscription. It is clear , It is not like payment platformswhere you choose how and when to watch a particular movie, documentary or series, but at least the diverse content is on hand and in other languages.

So Iteleflix websitewhich plays with the names of TV and Netflix, is a portal that allows its users Up to 350 free channels In Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom or France. Once in its web portal we can find a link to the main TV channels in Spain and regional channels.

Search for a channel and play it

Also on the home page of your web portal there is a file A search engine that allows you to find channels by name, country or citymaking it easy to find the local, regional or national broadcast that interests you the most.

The system for reproducing these channels varies according to the channel selected. Sometimes we can Run the channel on the same websitebut on other occasions you will receive a warning that The channel can only be watched in an external player. Be that as it may, they are all open channel options and are not compatible with fraudulent or pirated content, so viewing them is not dangerous for the user.

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