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Many have been left waiting for the second part of “Where Are the Blondes?” Although there have been attempts to bring back police officers disguised as socialites, nothing has been achieved so far.

Where are the blondes? It’s one of those comedies that always makes you smile Scary movie And It happened yesterday?. Starring Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, and featuring Terry Crews, Busy Phillips, and Jamie King, the entertaining film was a commercial success although it was met with negative reviews. To this day, the film has become a cult symbol due to its dark humor and pranks by the Wayans brothers, who were dressed as two New York society girls..

If you’re a fan of the movie in which two FBI agents impersonate women and use masks to steal the identities of two heiresses over the course of a weekend, you’re in luck because today you can enjoy it completely free on TV. At 9:45 p.m., it will be broadcast Where are the blondes? on Channel 5, so you can laugh like crazy with every joke, gag and even legendary dance that the Wayans brothers do in the movie..

While the film grossed $70 million at the US box office and grossed $113 million worldwide, the film has not had a sequel to date. Many have wondered why the Wayans family hasn’t returned to the big screen together to once again play two rich New York girls.. The truth is that they tried to release a second part, but it did not happen as they expected.

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In August 2009, Sony announced that there would be a sequel to the film, but canceled the project without explanation. Five years later, Marlon Wayans expressed interest in a sequel to the film, although nothing was concrete yet. It was Terry Crews, who played a memorable character singing “A Thousand Miles Away,” who revealed that a sequel was in the works.. Unfortunately for fans, Marlon backtracked and said the deal had not been done yet.

Why wasn’t a second movie made? Although fans continue to demand a sequel to the controversial comedy, Marlon Wayans has one condition: to return to the film. “Until they learn how to do makeup digitally, as far as special effects,” Marlon said, “it takes a lot of work.” While there are currently several films receiving sequels and revivals, Wayans has made it clear that he never wants to have to go through the trauma of prosthetics and makeup in any of his future roles.. For now, fans of the film will have to make do with what they already have.

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