This is how Jose Coronado’s Entrepías is sweeping the United States

On February 1, a thriller was called intervias. Mediaset probably used to premiere its series to Amazon Prime Video, even who will come That was the crown jewel, but he was excluded from this novelty. Understandable: He had an infallible tandem for the company’s flagship channel, that made up of José Coronado and producer Aitor Gabilondo, who collaborated on Prince s live without permission. What was less predictable, however, was that after saying goodbye in May, it would sweep the world over Netflix, including the United States.

It was known to have succeeded at least by Netflix standards. It premiered on Netflix with 20 million hours watched in its first week. But that number was just the start of three straight weeks as the most-watched series among non-English-speaking productions, adding a cumulative total of 138 million watch hours. Not bad because it’s a fantasy that Netflix didn’t even have the scoop and aired after finishing in Spain.

138 million hours were watched on Netflix, and according to Nielsen, it is the sixth most watched series among all content platforms in the United States.

But what is interesting now is the consumption figures announced before Nelson, a company that provides reports to the public in the United States. Now it not only counts millions of viewers of traditional TV but also tries to control the consumption of the platform’s content. And what chain ranks sixth in your consumer study? No more, no less than interviaswhich is the output there as the wrong side of the tracks, With 382 million minutes watched.

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Moreover, this data appears to be the beginning of the phenomenon as it hardly informs the Entevías audience during the week of May 16 (Nielsen needs a month to calculate the data). That week it was the most watched platform series Lincoln’s attorney With 1,900 million minutes watched (which explains why it was renewed for a second season) followed by Ozarks, reality show Circle, Grace and Frankie s working mothers.

She’s late to “The Lincoln Lawyer,” “Ozark,” “The Circle,” “Grace and Frankie,” and “Workin” Moms, but still has a way to go, especially in Nielsen.

in the back of intervias stand up Weird things (With the first seasons shown, as no new chapters have been released yet), Kandy, the night sky s Who killed Sarah?. Indicating the popularity of Netflix in the US, all of the titles on the list are from Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos except candies With Jessica Biel, from Hulu, and night sky With JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek, from Amazon Prime Video.

intervias, created by David Bermejo, has Jose Coronado playing a grandfather in a modest neighborhood in 2009. He’s Tirso, a former military man who owns a hardware store and has to take care of his granddaughter Irene (Nona Sobo). When he realizes that his granddaughter is going down the wrong path due to the influences of an increasingly problematic neighborhood, he decides to take justice into his own hands: if he must fight in the streets to save what is left of Entrevias and Eren, he will.

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At Telecinco, in addition, this Coronado’s fighting spirit was remarkable: he achieved an average of 1.7 million and 15.9% viewers on the channel, which is not bad for the imagination in these times when reality TV and current events seem to be audience priorities. which consumes linear television at night, while retaining the fictional content for consumption with a time-shift system.

On Telecinco, average viewership was 1.7 million viewers and audience share was 15.9%, data correct for this linear TV where viewer prioritizes reality TV and current affairs

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