The Venezuelan Aircraft Show has added another chapter | What was found in the inspection of the cargo ship Emtrasur by order of a judge

The search Venezuelan Amtrasur Ended in the early hours of Friday. The airport security police and the Federal Police reviewed the device. They took the black box – They will see if Aerolineas Argentinas has a tool to listen to the recording for about two hours – and a computer and documents for Iranian pilots in the name of the company they originate from and where they continue to be employed: Quesim Fars Air. Their license plates qualify them as Airbus 300 pilots specifically for Queshm and what exists is a training contract between Conviasa -Venezuelan- and Queshm. As expected Page 12And the Not only the plane was inspected but even the Volkswagen auto parts An Airbus brought it from Queretaro. These Taos pieces were still in a warehouse in Ezeiza.

In search of some crimes

Judge Federico Villina and Prosecutor General Cecilia Encardona are awaiting evidence to allow them to do so to decide if they have any crime they attribute to 14 Venezuelans and 5 Iranians who came to Jumbo. yesterday, INTERPOL certifies in writing that none of the crew members are internationally wanted For any legal case related to terrorism.

The The Airport Security Police (PSA) spread the suspicion by contacting the opposition media, but without providing any documents. Furthermore, the PSA carried out a very serious raid on the plane – a foreign land – without any court order. In that operation, which was condemned by the court by the Venezuelan company, 60 agents, some of them camouflaged, intervened with dogs and scanners. Only on Thursday night and at dawn on Friday did the search actually ordered by the judge take place.

Auto parts that came on the Venezuelan plane.

In parallel with Investigating judge examines and documents 747 passports as well as cell phones and computers for all members.

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black box puzzles

The operation that ended this morning took longer than expected because two technicians and the Venezuelan chief of operations were necessary to do even the simplest of things: turn on the plane’s lights.

The black box issue was not easy. The plane is old, since 1986, so it’s not easy to get “readers” of the black box content – which is a recording – but an attempt will be made today with Argentine Airlines. Flag Line has already replenished its fleet, but it may contain the required machine.

It is not clear whether the black box recorded 30 minutes or 2 hours. This depends on the model. But anyway they will be Pilots talks on board their flight to Uruguay on June 7. The plane had the approval of both Argentine and Uruguayan authorities to refuel, but when it was in the air, Uruguay told it to revoke the authorization. Everything indicates that the Israeli intelligence services intervened unofficially. The Venezuelan government denounced this yesterday, because from a regulatory point of view, it puts the lives of the crew at risk because the plane did not have enough fuel.


in The search that took place on Friday morning found nothing relevant. A computer apparently used by pilots during flights.

The black box, which is kept safe to be analyzed once the appropriate device is found. It seems crazy to have it sent to Boeing in the US, but that’s something the judge will have to decide.

Police officers also searched Volkswagen spare parts.

Folders used by pilots. In the case of the Iranians, there are old Queshm Fars Air models, in which fuel, schedule, visibility and towing data are written down. In fact, Iranians are licensed to fly 747-200 and 747-300, and they got that license when they flew as a tattoo. Today they are under contract with Venezuelan Conviasa so that Caribbean pilots can complete the miles they can fly a 747. drone safetyThis is the role played by the Iranians. A technical assistance contract is one of the contracts required by the judge and the public prosecutor.

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Argentine justice, the United States and Israel

After examining the plane, the judge must wait for the rest of the procedures he ordered. The result of scoping tests for passports, analysis of cell phones and computers and, if it turns out, any international security agency accusing crew members of a crime. The The attorney general also asked the US Treasury to report whether the plane had any restrictions.. Currently, the 747 has been grounded and will not be able to leave the country.

The United States and Israel, in line with their geopolitical position, sent a double message. They praised the government’s stance on investigating the plane, but they always hinted that anything coming from Iran, Venezuela and Cuba is suspicious in itself and should be seized and investigated. Although there is no offense to charge or persons wanted by Interpol. Argentine opponents and part of the ruling party involved in a security force unless they miss the opportunity to join the chorus of what comes from the international right.

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