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The European Top Destinations Portal has released the results of a A global vote attended by more than half a million travelers from 182 countries to choose the best destinations for the old continent in 2022.

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Of the 400 destinations presented to voters, the following turned out to be the favorites for tourists.

Five “best” of my favorite destinations

1 – Ljubljana, Slovenia

This is a city for curious and adventurous souls. The proud green capital of Slovenia invites travelers who are passionate about culture, art, entertainment and large green areas that offer a relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to tourists, whole delegations of mayors, environmental consultants and urban planners visit Ljubljana to understand the green miracle of this unique capital of Europe.

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Before other European destinations, Ljubljana chose a pedestrianized historical center, which allows people to visit shops, restaurants and cafes, with birdsong in the background.

2. Marbella, Spain

Europe’s sun capital, Marbella is a favorite destination for travelers looking for relaxation, shopping, hotels and upscale restaurants. Also local crafts, golf, outdoor activities, sports, style and refinement for an unforgettable vacation.

Thanks to the work of its city council, Marbella also attracts digital nomads, sportsmen and gourmet But also for businesses and investors. The city develops sustainable and responsible tourism of very high quality and is an example of good practice at the European level.

This destination offers relaxing moments on Puerto Banús Beach, and the possibility to indulge palates in a Michelin-starred restaurant or tapas bar in the historic city centre. Authentic alleys with thousands of flowers and plants hanging on the walls and balconies are the unique signature of this destination.

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The warm local climate and year round sun make it a paradise for outdoor sports. This sunny destination is also ranked among the most prestigious and exclusive destinations in Europe.

3. Amiens, France

Would you like to embark on an extraordinary journey in the footsteps of Jules Verne, find yourself in a tranquil haven of floating canals and gardens, discover the most beautiful and largest cathedral in France and have a wonderful vacation? If that’s what you’re thinking, Amiens is the destination that should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

Ideally located in the heart of the triangle of Paris, London and Brussels, Amiens is a beautiful city that ranks as the fourth greenest in France. This city, which sparkles with its remarkable architecture and natural heritage, inspired Jules Verne when he settled here in 1871. The famous author left his mark on the city; Its influence is evident in all its corners.

Amiens is also home to an international garden festival to be discovered at the famous site of Hortillonnages, which has been voted the most beautiful urban park in Europe. This 300 hectare green paradise, in the heart of the city, can also be explored on foot, by bike, in a rowboat or even in kayak.

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. As the main cultural center of Bulgaria, it has deservedly won the title of European Capital of Culture 2019.

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The city is home to remarkable monuments from antiquity: the theatre of the first century, the Roman stadium of the second century, the ancient forum, excellent examples of the Roman mosaic heritage, as seen in the Church of Philippopolis of Bishop (4th-6th centuries) and in the small Paleo-Christian cathedral (4th-6th centuries), For example, but not limited.

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The Old Town is the city’s finest jewel, a cultural phenomenon that fascinates with its beautiful and ornate Renaissance houses.

Plovdiv is a city where ancient history, culture and heritage come together. Charming and full of life, ancient and timeless, artistic and modern, cosmopolitan and romantic.

5. Leuven, Belgium

This picturesque city, located in the heart of Belgium, is the perfect destination for an exciting city break all year round with friends, family or solo.

With its rich and diverse heritage, artistic, cultural, scientific, beer and gastronomic and commercial offering, this city invites you to stroll and discover. In addition, it is very easy to get to and everything is within walking distance or cycling.

The moment travelers step out of Leuven train station, they can feel the radiance of a modern and urban setting in a historic setting that oozes with its verve. It is estimated that more than 150 nationalities call it home and it is the beating heart of this 21st century university city.

Tourists enjoy shopping in attractive shopping streets, without cars, all kinds of products and Souvenirs. It is the land of chocolate, beer and gastronomy. It is in fact the home of the legendary and world-famous Stella Artois brewery (Leuven brewing dates back to 1366).

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The list of 10 favorites was completed by the cities of Oradea in Romania; London, the capital of the United Kingdom; Nijmegen in the Netherlands; Lahti in Finland and charming Istanbul in Turkey.

*With information from the best European destinations for 2022.

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