This great GTA IV version looks better than GTA V

You can now access these awesome mods!

Digital Dreams recently shared a video of a remastered version of GTA 4 using QuantV mods and re-shading. The result of the work looks amazing.

Grand Theft Auto 4 was the most famous Rockstar Games in historyBased on the number of positive reviews it has received since its release. The game was, without a doubt, a reinvention of the Grand Theft Auto series with a darker story, dreary setting and great depth of gameplay compared to previous installments.

Thanks to this, Grand Theft Auto 4 occupies the top of the franchise for an important part of the gaming community, despite all the success of Grand Theft Auto 5 later on. Now that Rockstar has released a modified version of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy, players will love to see a new version or at least a modified version of Niko Bellic’s Journey coming to the next generation platforms.

However, even if Rockstar releases the long-awaited mod, we doubt that its final work will be like what Digital Dreams experienced recently with this new mod.

What are quantum adjustments in and re-shading?

Makes GTA 4 Remake feel like the 9th generation open world game. A combination of mods from QuantV and a preshade of reshade resulted in this amazing version of Grand Theft Auto 4which definitely looks better than GTA 5 and even, we can say, its next improved version.

The addition of Ray-Tracing to Liberty City has dramatically changed the city’s appearance. Despite having that grim look, it now looks realistic enough, without the notorious grain effect we used to see in the vanilla version of GTA 4.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that these two modes turn Grand Theft Auto into an experience when it comes to seeing scenarios and delving into the history of the game, the mod required an expensive PC to test this awesome mod version of Grand Theft Auto 4.

However, it’s not all bad news. To install these mods, you will have to subscribe to the mod’s Patreon pageWhere you will find them available. Of course, we recommend before you get to it that you keep in mind that mods are not always optimized and your experience may not be smooth enough without a high-spec PC.

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