The repercussions against Russia continue due to the attacks

As expected, the effects of the attack Russia to UkraineResignations continue until the suspension of news and entertainment services.

Russian conductor Tojan Sukhiv It was announced Sunday that he is leaving his position as music director of Bolshoi Theater in Moscow And the The National Orchestra of the Capitol of Toulouse, Franceas a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Faced with the impossibility of choosing between dear Russian and French musicians, I have decided to resign from my duties as musical director of Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the Capitol de Toulouse National Orchestra with immediate effect.”

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“I know many people have expected me to make clear where I stand in regards to what is going on right now. First of all, I would like to remind you of the most important thing. I have never supported and always will be against any conflict of any kind.”

Although “some people question my desire for peace and think that as a musician I can advocate for options other than peace (…), I find this surprising and offensive,” added Sukhiv, who is considered one of the most promising band leaders.

He also criticized the way in which his colleagues “actors, actors, singers, dancers, film directors receive threats and are treated in a threatening manner and victims of abolition culture.”

I have been asked to choose between one cultural tradition over another. (…) Soon they will ask me to choose between Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky And the Shostakovich or Beethoven, Brahms And the Debussy. This is already happening in a European country like Poland where Russian music is banned.”

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Platforms and TV Match

On the other hand, the American broadcasting platform Netflix Suspended its services in Russia in protest of the Russian invasion Ukraine.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it became the world’s leading broadcaster with 221.8 million users at the end of 2021, and is a minor player in Russia, where it has less than a million subscribers.

Meanwhile, the social media giant tik tok It announced the suspension of the publication of all video content from Russia in order to preserve the safety of its employees and to comply with the new laws against “fake news” in that country.

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“In light of Russia’s new” false news” law, the company said in a statement, “we have no choice but to suspend live broadcasts and new content from our video service while we review the security implications of this law. He made it clear that his messaging service would not be affected.”

“We will continue to assess the changing conditions in Russia to determine when we can fully resume our services with safety as our top priority,” added the platform, which has more than one billion users worldwide.

According to an Insider Intelligence study published this week, at the end of 2021, TikTok had about 24.7 million accounts in Russia.

And last but not least, the BBC He also indicated, on Sunday, that his international media television network stopped broadcasting in Russia, after the passage of a law providing for a prison sentence for anyone who spreads “false information” about the army.

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spread BBC World Newsthe channel you watch if you are outside the UK at the moment, the BBC Worldwide Information Network, has just been cut in Russia,” the presenter announced. Victoria Derbyshire.

On Friday, the British Broadcasting Corporation announced the “temporarily” suspension of its journalists’ work in Russia to ensure their “safety”, after the adoption of a law providing harsh prison sentences for those who spread “false information about the military”.

at United kingdomRT (formerly Russia Today) is the subject of 27 investigations by British media regulator Ofcom, which examines the network’s bias during coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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