Alejandro Tabello continued his climb and achieved a better position in the ATP rankings

Monday 07 March 2022 | 13:37

Leonardo Rubilar | one agency


Chilean tennis player Alejandro Tabello continues to climb up the ATP rankings, and this Monday achieved his best place in the world rankings.

National tennis player Alexandre Tabello This week it climbed two places in the ATP rankings, although no activity has been seen lately on the professional circuit.

In this way, the leftist was born in Canada He jumped from 98th to 96th, holding onto second place in Chile.

It should be noted that Tapelo defended the Davis Cup team last week by defeating Slovenia.

While, Christian Garin presents one position to appear in 25th place, remaining the main national racket.

for this part, Nicholas Garry And the Thomas Barrios They climbed four places, so they ranked 142 and 145 on the list, respectively.

In the top ten, Russian Daniil Medvedev remained at the top of the world rankings, followed by Serbian Novak Djokovic and German Alexander Zverev.

This is the ATP arrangement:

1. Daniil Medvedev (Russia) 8,615 points (0)
2- Novak Djokovic (SER) 8,465 (0)
3. Alexander Zverev (Germany) 7515 (0)
4- Rafael Nadal (Spain) 6515 (0)
5. Stefanos Tsitsipas (GRE) 6325 (0)
6. Matteo Berrettini (Italy) 4928 (+1)
7. Andrei Rublev (Russia) 4,590 (-1)
8. Casper Road (North) 3915 (0)
9. Felix Auger – Eliassim (Canada) 3883 (0)
10. Jannik Sener (Poland) 3491 (+1)

Chileans are in the ATP classification:

25. Christian Garin 1716 points (+1)
96. Alexandre Tabello 691 (+2)
142. Nicholas Gary 457 (+4)
145. Thomas Barrios 446 (+4)
257. Gonzalo Lama 210 (+1)
499. Bastian Mesh 65 (+3)
695. Michel Werner 33 (+4)
833- Diego Fernandez 21 (-1)
945. Daniel Nunez 14 (+5)

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