Google Photos and its new tool to “hide clutter” especially with WhatsApp

Google Photos is a platform for storing and organizing photos and video on the cloud. (Google)

Google Photos is rolling out an update aimed at improving users' gallery organization, with a feature called “Hide Clutter.” This tool will allow individuals to hide automatically downloaded screenshots, memes, and GIFs, which are often unintentionally stored in specific folders. What seeks to provide a cleaner presentation of the main gallery.

It is important to note that this is platform storage and cloud-based photo and video managementWhich allows users to save, share and manage photos and videos from any device connected to the Internet.

next to. Offers basic editing toolsIn addition to advanced search functions through face, location and object recognition, making it easier to locate specific images.

On the right you can see the new design of the Google Photos Memories tab. (patch compilation)

The update was revealed for the first time In Google Photos version By User AssembleDebug The implementation of this feature seeks to provide a more organized environment and make it easier to locate relevant content within the application.

In fact, the feature uses artificial intelligence To identify, classify and transfer These contents are automatically placed in the appropriate locations within the application.

Although it does not currently appear in the UI, analysis of the source code has revealed Google's intention to do so Simplify the management of large amounts of multimedia contentwhich can be significant, especially when including the variety of files that messaging apps like WhatsApp receive.

The application will help ensure that duplicate images do not appear and there is a better arrangement. (Google)

These updates Integration with already released “Photo Stacks” featureproviding users with multiple tools to manage their photo galleries more effectively.

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Furthermore, this won't be the only improvement coming to Google Photos; The company is also working on a complete revamp of the Memories tab.It promises a more modern and attractive design that improves the user’s interaction with his stored images.

Google Photos is a platform that allows users to save, share and manage photos and videos from any internet-connected device. (Google)

Google Photos emerges as a comprehensive solution, Offers a wide range of functions Designed to enhance your digital memory storage experience. The benefits of using this tool include:

  • Free and expandable cloud storage: One of the main attractions of Google Photos is the free storage space it offers, allowing users to upload their photos and videos in a high-quality compressed version without taking up the storage space of their Google account. For those who prefer to keep their digital memories in their original resolution, Google Photos offers payment options through Google One, where users can purchase additional cloud storage space.
  • Simple and powerful editing: The platform not only excels at managing photos and videos, but also at providing easy-to-use editing tools. From basic adjustments like cropping, rotating, and adjusting colors to more complex effects and automatic enhancement suggestions, Google Photos makes it easy to enhance your photos without the need for additional software. Additionally, these editing options are accessible to both novice and advanced users, democratizing high-quality editing of multimedia content.
Google Photos will make its AI editing tools available to all users starting May 15. (Google)
  • cooperation: Users can send photos and albums via a link, regardless of whether the recipients are using the app or not. Additionally, Google Photos allows for the creation of shared albums where multiple users can add photos and videos, making it easy to collect memories from group events.
  • Security and privacy: Google Photos provides several layers of security to protect users' private photos and videos. Content is synced over an encrypted connection, and users have full control over privacy settings, where they can decide who can see their photos. In addition, the facial recognition and automatic regulation function are implemented privately and securely, while respecting the user's privacy.
  • Cross-platform access: Being cloud-based, Google Photos ensures digital memories are accessible from any internet-connected device. Whether through mobile app, web or even smart devices, users can view, edit and share photos and videos anytime, anywhere.
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