This code will get you a new eChampions League Winner SBC (Leaked)

last monday 5 june EA Sports announced The eChampions League winner will collaborate with them to create a new card that will be available via SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Well, it seems @employee That would leak it The chosen footballer will be Brazilian icon Kaka.

FIFA 23 Leak – New SBC for Kaka

Personally, I was the best other footballer. I think that His body type is not very interesting in FIFA 23not one of the most useful ones and perhaps that’s why (and because of his height of 1’86) his dribbling stat isn’t very effective in the game.

Beside that Kaká already has a special edition that is still very useful, his FUT Birthday Perfect Superstars. He doesn’t have great shooting numbers, but because of the five skills and his bad legs he’s competitive. I would choose someone who doesn’t have a level item yet but is popular at the same time, like Ousmane Dembele. Or a tall striker with good speed and dribbling stats, which perform well in the next generation.

But either way, it looks like the Brazilian icon will be the footballer of choice. despite of We don’t know his stats or when his SBCs will appear in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. I guess it won’t take long for it to be released, but EA Sports hasn’t reported when that will happen.

And with his FUT birthday numbers, There’s a good chance that Kaka’s new card will be very powerful. He can correct his upgradable shot and raise his dribbling stat even more, making him more agile. And hopefully, you’ll keep the five stars for the watermark from the previous element.

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being an icon, There will be no problem giving her chemistry In our FIFA 23 Ultimate squads. Although at the same time, I suppose being a legend would have a higher cost. Perhaps, if you are an active player, the SBC requirements will be less demanding.

With its perfect numbers and stars, the FUT Birthday Card is still competitive. But I think his body type is not very interesting in FIFA 23, he is not a great striker to drive.

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