They occupied a hotel room for less than 24 hours and the employee was scared when she came in the next day to clean it up

One of the biggest concerns of homeowners Who have a house or building for rent He is Select the right person who is responsible and able to keep everything in perfect order. but, There are times when tenants show a lack of commitment and generate a great deal of anger. In keeping with this theme, the The cleaning lady whose hotel room was left in a very bad state on TikTok for the reaction he got when faced with the terrifying scenario.

Angry and still surprised by the situation, through her account on the social network, the woman named Yanlin Rivera, who works for an institution located in Mexico City, shared, The video showing the devastation caused by a family during a day’s stay And he left his strong opinion.

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Show the operator the condition of the room and spread out

on a light tour, Show a panorama of everything you imagine and be amazed. said at the beginning section. noticeably angry, I walk a few steps to take in the condition of the room.

Already from within, the deplorable state of the place he had been inhabiting for only 24 hours was seen. The main reason? There were stains all over the room and debris and trash. “We have makeup remover wipes they can order from us. Just look, do you think that makes sense?”

After mentioning the bathroom sector, The woman walked a little farther to reveal the condition of the bed and the furniture that was in the room. “Apart from the fact that you will pay a cleaning Further, they will be banned from the hotel, which the app does front seat So people name is saved and remains for future bookings These people will not be staying anymore and will be banned, at least in this hotel. Do you think it’s fair? One day and they leave the room like this,” he concluded.

The furniture is in complete disrepairTik Tok

after a hard discharge, Hundreds of users criticized the hire for how they returned the room and their defense of the employee. “My family and I rented an Airbnb and left everything clean and tidy, a matter of education,” said a young man. Another said: “Fortunately, it was only one day, imagine for a while longer, you have to rebuild the whole room.” Meanwhile, a third wrote: Even it looks like they did it on purpose.. How could they let something like that go completely outrageous.”

In addition, Others commented on their experience staying in rooms in different hotels They assured that they could not leave him in such a messy and dirty state. “I can’t imagine what they do at home. I use makeup and it wouldn’t occur to me to remove it with a towel or sheet or stain on the pillow, it just doesn’t pay off”; “I was recently in a hotel for two days and I can’t leave it like that. These people should be even at home ”; “I do not believe, When I go on vacation to a hotel I try to make everything as good as possible And tidy, even with the bed. Cleanliness is education,” was one of the most prominent messages.

Some of the comments users left on the postTik Tok

from here, Rivera was disappointed that he had never imagined him and though he had to work too much, he left a note for all those who, under full responsibility, act unseemly and affect the daily tasks. “They should have compassion for people and take care of what belongs to others, because even if you pay, you don’t have to destroy.”concluded in the comments box.


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