They’re using donuts in a new way

In Saint Martin and Pringles Squares or on Calle Recretiva. Anyone compulsorily stops the cart for two months. donut truck, “street bakery” – or “street bakery”, if we stick to the literal translation – which was originally designed not to compromise the local, but to be located in different parts of the city. his specialty? Cakes, different flavors and very local. A product that knows how to profit very well, but this is rarely exploited in Rosario.

“Every time we went to the States we always ate them, and we loved them. But until recently there was no physical place selling them but a bakery with two flavors” Biz point Augustine, who decided with his partner to give life to this pledge in the summer. The truth is that although they were soaking it, the road was long and several pieces had to be assembled.

The car was designed with the help of an architect, because they were clear that they wanted to distinguish themselves not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of aesthetics. Marketing professionals worked on the logo to integrate the entire concept. “We liked this suggestion because we can reach people, it’s not that we’re in a store waiting for a customer to come and buy from us,” he said. Although it is still trial and error, they aspire to come up with a second truck to cover a wider area, the bonus being that it can be rented for events like 15th birthdays or weddings. He says: “The entrance project was designed for gardens, squares and events.” Augustine.

They wanted it to be eco-friendly, without a motor, and even used a vegan bar to hold each small bag of donuts in it. Since it is a traction tricycle, the purpose of creating a second linkage is that no one driving it will have to travel much in the day. Because even though they lead the business, they aren’t the ones to commute: They have several collaborators and a pastry chef who is behind coordinating every donut. The variety is wide: classic glazed, chocolate with colored sprinkles, filled with Nutella, dulce de leche, bun or bon pasta, pastry cream or Chantilly cream, and other chocolates with Oreo, Kit Kat and Kinder.

“The car’s shape and design is because we wanted to put together something beautiful and cheerful to add to the show; it even has LED lights and is lit up at night,” notes the young motion scientist. Since it was difficult to combine profession and work due to limited working hours, they found it donut truck The Perfect Group: “We went through many options to know what to do without leaving our careers aside. We wanted something that was good and different from everything we see. We came up with this, worked on it and tried it.”

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