Top 4 Sustainable Residency Destinations in 2022

Travelers are becoming more aware of climate change and sustainability. Indeed, when choosing a destination for their holidays, tourists take into account the impact of their activity and the activity of the place they are going to visit on the environment.

Recognizing this new interest and interest on the part of tourists, the popular accommodation search site, conducted a new investigation, with information collected from more than 30,000 travelers in 32 countries and territories, highlighting the impact of their travel remains first in mind. , with 71% of travelers around the world saying they want to travel more sustainably in the coming months, which is a 10% increase from what was shown by 2021 data from the company.

Searches for more sustainable stays are on the rise, with 40% of global travelers confirming that they have viewed sustainable stays on an online travel site in the past year, and 38% indicating that they are actively seeking information on sustainable stay efforts. Ownership before booking.

Which is why I wanted to share with you my list of the 4 best sustainable accommodations this year.

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Located northeast of the Colombian capital of Bogota, the charming town of Villa de Leyva is known for its rich history and traditional whitewashed architecture. In the heart of the city, the impressive Plaza Mayor is home to the city hall, museums, hotels, and a shopping arcade for visitors to explore and support the work of local artisans.

Visitors should consider timing their trip to coincide with the annual tree festival, Fiesta del Arbol, which takes place in October to celebrate the natural wonders the city has to offer. A celebration of the region’s indigenous plants, festivities include everything from lectures on conservation and sustainable tourism to performances by local musicians.

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TorontoAnd Canada

Toronto, Canada – September 6, 2015: Long fountain show at Nathan Phillips Square with City Hall lighting and Liberty Arches in the background.

Famous for its live music scene, acclaimed museums and galleries, the iconic CN Tower, stunning skyline, Ontario’s capital and Canada’s largest city, it is also a great destination for those who aim to travel more responsibly. Wonderful and wonderful Toronto is best discovered on a local guide tour to escape the tourist trail and discover local markets and hangouts.

In an effort to tackle climate change, environmentally conscious Toronto supports the adoption of electric vehicles, offers carbon offset credits, and even introduced the Green Roof Act in 2009, which requires buildings to have a green roof for vegetation.

Puerto IguazuAnd Argentina

Located where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet, Puerto Iguazu It is home to the magnificent Iguazu National Park, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and voted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

For those who want to explore with minimal impact, the lush landscape can be reached on foot via several hiking trails, or it can be reached by eco-train that crosses the forest. Visitors can view wildlife in the surrounding tropical jungle; With over a thousand different species of animals and plants, it is part of a larger ecosystem that runs through most of Latin America.

Samana, Dominican Republic

SamanĂ¡ should definitely be on this list, because the province is making efforts focused on the various themes: sustainable destination management, nature and landscape, climate and environment, culture and tradition, business and communication, and social welfare.

Among some of the sustainable initiatives they have been promoting are: Systems to monitor the impact of tourism on nature. Recycling and Solid Waste Management Project, to support local entrepreneurs; training initiatives; development of destination plans; solar energy initiatives; coral restoration projects; festivals to celebrate the province’s cultural heritage and diversity; Among several others.

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