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Loreto, Baja California Sur (OEM – Informex).- After committing to link science and education, in a simple and attractive way, and stimulating the taste for scientific research in children and young people in Loreto, Mayor of Loreto Paula Cota Davis has taken up the protest as President of the “Loreto Puerto de la Ciencia” Committee.

In his message, he expressed his conviction that this committee will strive to achieve better expectations for our municipality, by taking actions and strategies to provide tools to both children and youth that bring them closer to science starting from the basic education level.

Lee: They’re holding hearings north of the municipality of Loreto

He noticed in the people of Loreto their pride that Loreto today is the first capital of scientific dissemination in Mexico and Latin America.

Via Zoom, it was Omar López Cruz, general coordinator of “Loreto Puerto de la Ciencia,” who took the oath of office before the committee now headed by the mayor and consisting of the entire municipal cabinet of officials, education and research institutions such as the UABCS Loreto campus, as well as private initiatives .

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In this important protocol, Omar López Cruz acknowledged the importance of being part of this great project, and called on them to work in a coordinated way, to look for strategies and actions that will provide boys, girls and young people with another chance in life, show them a better world, that literally exists and that great things can be done, Because in this environment of Lauretano, the first mission of Alta and Baja California, is the place where transcendental events have occurred, and will continue to occur.

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“Puerto de la Ciencia” is a joint community-government initiative that seeks to bring science closer to people.

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